Drew Wagar


Drew Wagar is one of the authors whom we all hold dear to our hearts for bringing the (somewhat sparse) Elite Universe to life in our imaginations with fantastic tales of adventure, intrigue and immersive, realistic content. This is from his about page:

Drew Wagar was born in Canada in 1970, but has lived in the UK since 1972. He was educated at the university of Brighton where he studied Computer Science.

Drew published his first novel, Torn, in 2011 and followed this up with contributions to the Fusion anthology in 2012.

Drew ran a controversial but highly successful ‘Kickstarter’ in late 2012 allowing him to write one of the official novels set in the universe of Elite:Dangerous by Frontier Developments.This book, Elite: Reclamation was published in 2014 by Fantastic Books Publishing.

Drew has published a wholly original SF series called the Shadeward Saga. The first installment launched at Fantasticon on the weekend of 24/25 October, 2015 and published by Fantastic Books Publishing.



EliteDangerousCrestTextRegiThe official Elite Dangerous novel and sequel to Elite: Reclamation. Published by Frontier Developments and written by Drew Wagar.

Out Now

There are moments in history where deeds and chance combine in events of such import that they reverberate down the ages.

A singularity where the choices of the past and the authors of the future pay the price of their combined decisions.

Beyond the core worlds, beyond the Frontier; humanity finds the truth is a dangerous thing.

Elite Dangerous: Premonition is an novel set in the universe of Elite: Dangerous by Frontier Developments.

Amelia Tyler and Jay Britton (voice actors from the Zurara logs) acting out Chapter 10 of Elite Dangerous Premonition. Salomé meets Patreus.

Written by Drew Wagar, it will dramatise the behind the scenes story of events taking place in the Elite: Dangerous universe, combining the overall narrative from Frontier Developments and combining it with in-game player activities and exploits.

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