Operation Sanctuary Starting Soon

On May 4th 3305, 476 star systems reported a state of famine to the Pilots Federation. Out of these, 254 were listed as ‘independent’. On the same day, 547 systems were reported in a state of contagious outbreak, 263 out of these were ‘independent’.

These systems represent a significant Human population, yet they fall completely under the radar of the superpowers who are busy fighting their wars and proxy conflicts.

As of late, even the once so liberal Alliance of Independent Systems has chimed in. The truly independent systems are more often than not left to themselves. 

Operation Sanctuary picks up on the ideas of Operation Lighthouse in that the Children of Raxxla continue to reduce the fallout and collateral damage war brings along.

It aims at providing the systems that cannot help themselves out of their misery with the basic comforts they need to survive and sustain themselves

Food, medicine and a kind, helping hand.