The Children of Raxxla and our late leader, Salomé, were once well known for attacking targets known to be affiliated with the Club

A small group of powerful, unknown individuals which treats the Galaxy like a puppet, constantly pulling at strings and manipulating its populace for an unknown agenda. We have been working, studying and watching the goings on of the Galaxy and its mysterious puppeteers.

Operation Primum Non Nocere: a coordinated strike on a research facility with ties to heavy illegal human experimentation: something that the Club is not averse to doing. The facility in question was known as the Janus Corp. Medical Research Facility, located in HIP 106288, above the rings of the third planet.

The CoR first became aware of this facility after following up on rumours of a listening post in system HIP 105408, near Planet 2b. The satellite holds a message logged from someone named Tommy; apparently a patient who had escaped the Janus Corp. Medical Research Facility.

“My name… Tommy… I was… big journey… out to see… stars…something wrong… escape pods launched… they found us… or was it them… no, no I’m fine… no drugs…darkness and dreams…bright light in my eyes…experimenting on people… using progenitor cells and other…worse…kinds of procedures…they say …is it… to slow ageing… don’t believe them……not sure how…I got away…was sure they would find me. Some big corporate facility, I… if you are hearing this they… I can’t go back… research installation…3… Gas giant…HI…P 106288… help us…”

The Harmony

In February of 3303, Jasmina Halsey partnered with the Yum Kamcabi Purple Life Industry to establish a centre for refugees looking to escape from harmful situations in their day-to-day lives and to instate a small governing body to
oversee this goal.

This effort was a resounding success, with the construction of a megaship, the Harmony, and the creation of the independent Empyrean Foundation to oversee its continual operation.

    However, in July of 3304 it came to our attention of the Harmony had undergone a change of hands, and was no longer under the control of the independent Empyrean Foundation. Instead, a faction known as the GCRV 62586 Union Party (G6UP) had taken command of the megaship. The CoR, suspecting corruption, moved swiftly to plan and execute an operation, known as Operation Lighthouse, to place the Harmony back in Empyrean Foundation jurisdiction. On the 9th of July of 3304, the CoR made their move into the Yum Kamcabi system and began their support of the Empyrean Foundation.
    After consulting with executives of the Foundation, the CoR began an initiative delivering data for the independent faction in an attempt to raise awareness among the local populace of their efforts. After nearly a week of constant support, on the 15th of July 3304, our efforts begin to bear fruit. The Yum Kamcabi Progressive party, after enough political pressure, stepped forward and offered the Empyrean Foundation control of their security installation, King Terminal.