Senator Kahina Tijani Loren, aka Salomé, has been killed in the Anumclaw star system by bounty hunters

Salomé, along with her three comrades, Yuri Nakamura, Tsu Annabelle Singh, and Raan Corsen fled the 46 Eridani system at approximately 18:00 galactic time on April 29th 3303.Prior to this, the Children of Raxxla had received a series of deep space transmissions from the Seven Veils during the days leading up to this incident, indicating that Salomé had proof of a major conspiracy involving the powerblocks, and that she had discovered the location of several listening post transmission logs within the old worlds of the Core Systems.

CoR immediately mobilized their pilots to help in assisting Salomé reach her goal to expose the datalogs.

Commander Eisen of the CoR Consul liaised with many allied factions who rallied to her cause. Admirals Bungalo, Dutch Foster, Jubei Himura, and Paroxsym oversaw the formation of the Coalition (PAC) that consisted of several allied fleets made up of in excess of 3,000 commanders.CoR command requested that the PAC fleets be deployed throughout the frontier border worlds between 46 Eridani and the outer bubble in an attempt to hold as many systems as possible centered around specific locations. These regions were reported to be where Salomé and her comrades would attempt to travel through in their race to reveal the information they had uncovered.In the build up, intelligence teams reported that heavy infiltration by powerblock lackeys and bounty hunter groups had occurred within PAC. Further suspicion arose when Raan Corsen was witnessed to be in the company of notorious bounty hunters in the T Tauri system, not far from 46 Eridani, on 28th April 3303. CoR suspected a betrayal.

From this point onward Salomé would lead as many pilots as possible to the “east” of Tsu Sing’s, Yuri’s, and Corsen’s routes in an attempt to lure possible infiltrators and enemies away.At 17:30 galactic time, Salomé rendezvoused in deep space with her escort wing and shortly after 18:00 they began their run through the frontier.For almost two hours of constant harassment and attacks from hardened bounty hunter packs, Salomé fought her way. By the time Salomé’s flight had reached the heart of the Core Worlds, and just 6 jumps short of her rendezvous destination of Tionisla, the Veils’ FSD malfunctioned and her prime wing escorts suffered technical issues – resulting in Salomé failing to jump out of the Anumclaw system. This opportunity was immediately seized upon by a bounty hunter wing who had doggedly and meticulously stalked her across 600 LYs of space. They struck.With heavy module damage from previous encounters, The Seven Veils stood little chance, and Salomé’s final transmission was “systems failing, attempting to eject….. escaped pod malfunction!………”In the chaos, and with so many ships in the system, no trace of an escape pod beacon was picked up, and it is now assumed that Salomé died in that brief skirmish.We take consolation in knowing that Salomé was at least fully aware that the Teorge Listening Posts had been scanned and the data logged, as the last transmission the Veils received was to inform that her friend, Tsu Annabelle Singh, had successfully made it to her destination intact, and had retrieved the logs. Salomé and her escorts had lured her enemies off route, and given the other protagonists a fighting chance to slip through to reach their goals.

My last request is that you always… Remember.

Salomé 3275-3303

    CoR have been vindicated. They will often be labelled as terrorists or cultist by the deeply brainwashed who believed GalNet and the constant propaganda coming from the major powers who used it to discredit those seeking the truth, but Salomé exposed that truth – and the truth is the truth whether people chose to believe it or not.