Lady Kahina Tijani Loren

Born in 3275, the third daughter of Senator Algreb Loren of the Haoria system. Kahina’s early life was little different from other children within the privileged upper echelons of the Empire. She was indoctrinated into Imperial style, intonation, dress and decorum as befitted her father’s rank. Little expense was spared in her upbringing.

She was attended by palace slaves from a young age and like many Imperial families, had little direct interaction with her parents other than at ceremonial events where she was strictly required to perform her role as a dutifully respectful daughter of an esteemed Senator. All three daughters were planned to be used as marriage ‘material’ to further Algreb’s political allegiances.

Trained in sword play and a measure of hand to hand combat as was traditional within the Loren lineage, she proved the most adept of her sisters despite her relative lower standing. This standing was further reinforced by a curious family tradition within the Loren’s that dark hair was a sign of weakness. The middle sister, Tala, was likewise affected, but had her genes modified to alter her hair colour. Kahina refused this treatment much to her father’s anger. Relationships between them, never strong, broke down leaving Kahina isolated within the family. Her older sister was jealous of her physical and mental abilities and never ceased to use an opportunity to belittle her.

Duelling tradition is very strong in the Loren Lineage. Lady Kahina spent many hours in practice, becoming expert with her Holva duelling blade. This image was taken on Haoria in 3292, prior to the Lorens taking over the Prism system.

In 3297 Senator Algreb Loren forcefully annexed the Prism system, which had been a peaceful agrarian culture up until this point, due to discovery of sizeable deposits of Tantalum, the demand for which had risen dramatically due to the change in hyperdrive technology.

This new hyperdrive technology had significantly altered the balance of power across the galaxy, allowing ships to move between systems in minutes, rather than the hours and days required before.

Senator Algreb sanctioned the obliteration of the original colonists of the only habitable location in the Prism system, the water moon of Chione. This was carried out by Admiral Brice, commander of the Senator’s warfleet. Whilst noted by the Federation, the move was not challenged at the time.

Some have deemed her a warmongering fool with delusions of grandeur.

Thousands of lives were lost in the reclamation of the Prism system

    The entire Loren family was later moved to Chione after the construction of a heavily fortified Imperial Palace on the island of New Ithaca in Chione’s southern hemisphere. A large refinery, built by Mastopolis Mining, was placed in orbit, known as Hiram’s Anchorage.

    Slaves on Chione were poorly treated, resulting in an uprising that was severely put down by Senator Algreb.Most of the original settlers perished in the attack, later known as the “appropriation”. Some survived however, and formed an underground resistance movement.