The Dark Wheel is believed to have existed since the earliest days of interstellar space travel, which would place its founding sometime in the 22nd century, when humanity established its first colony outside of Sol on the planet Taylor Colony in Tau Ceti.

Self-professed “people’s journalist” and Dark Wheel expert Lyta Crane has created an extensive archive of information related to the Dark Wheel, and claims that the group was founded in and operated out of a disused starport orbiting the eighth moon of an unnamed gas giant.

The station was a toroid design that was kept on minimal power to avoid detection, hence the name “Dark Wheel”. Crane believes that this station is still being used by the Dark Wheel to this day, and that it contains records and artefacts that new members can examine to verify that they have joined the genuine Dark Wheel.


To the jewel that burns on the brow of the mother of galaxies! To the whisperer in witchspace, the siren of the deepest void! The parent’s grief, the lover’s woe, and the yearning of our vagabond hearts. To Raxxla!

Oh, they’re out there alright. I’ve never met them, but I know they’re out there. Think about how well known the stories are. Now think about how easy it would be for some two-bit band of hucksters to pass themselves off as the Dark Wheel and start trading on their reputation.

Doesn’t happen, does it? Not for long, anyway. Whenever someone tries to usurp the Dark Wheel name, sooner or later they get quietly shut down. And that’s how I know

    Crane has her share of critics who have accused her of forging evidence for personal profit, and the Dark Wheel’s station, if it exists, has never been located