The Children of Raxxla By Alessia Verdi

I am Alessia Verdi. You won’t have heard of me. That does not matter. I am not very important in this tale, though I had my part to play in what happened.
I did not meet all of the people mentioned here. This occurred before I was involved.
I pieced it together from what my father told me about how it all began. You probably won’t believe it, not that I care. It’s the truth, regardless of what you think or what you’ve been told.
It was a time of myths and legends, stories that came back from beyond the Frontier, the promise of adventure never far away. It was dangerous too; the new hyperdrives, the death of the Emperor, the shock when… well you remember it all I’m sure. Everyone remembers where they were when that happened… I miss those times. I was still young and naïve then, but even as a youth I could sense the fundamental changes going on around me.
Compared to all that, this might seem a small affair, but the actions of the ‘Children’ had ramifications that echo even now. It falls to me to tell how they began. So here it is.
My father claimed to be a simple trader. I never found out the full scope of his activities, but he was far more than that. He knew more than he ever told me. Perhaps one day I’ll find out. He met a young woman who went by the name Salomé and changed her life.
I didn’t know her well. We were once caught and locked in a cell by Federal agents, sentenced to execution. She saved my life that day.
I remember being terrified, but I never saw fear on her face no matter what the circumstances. Back then I had no idea she was once a Senator of the Empire – imagine that! That information only came to light after… much later on. She gave it all up for a cause she believed in.
My father was no fan of the imperials, but he served Salomé as loyally as any citizen. That told me enough about her character. Don’t believe the propaganda or the twisted truth of Galnet. They tried so hard to poison her reputation.
The others – well you’ll find out if you dig deep enough. I’ve pieced together what I could find out about them from various sources. I make no apology if their details seem vague and sketchy – that is how they want it.

“The children only took the measured, the wise and the competent”

Salomé New this

    Those days were times of turmoil, with factions rising up on every side. Maybe it seems petty now, through the lens of history, but it mattered then.

    And so the tale, how it started anyway, as I doubt the story has an end. The children will be back when they are needed. Darkness falls and the wheel turns. As my father was fond of saying.“We are just people passing through history. We step on the stage, we say our lines, we step off.” If you would like to continue the story.. Novella