Special Directive #4

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#14 [March 3303] Special Directive #4 issued by CoR Consul

A Storm is Coming…

In response to the news that Salomé is alive, and that the Empire have placed a 500,000 credit galaxy-wide bounty on her head, CoR issue directive #4 : A recall of all its active pilots from the depths and throughout the core worlds, and the full mobilization of its armed forces.

Wings are dispatched throughout the Frontier border worlds to search for Salomé and relay all communiques she sends, directly to CoR command.

In addition, and in a direct response to Princess Aisling Duval’s rhetoric regarding Salomé, CoR place a 5 credit bounty on Aisling’s head – because that’s all its worth.

Communiques received : 24-March-3303 :

Communiques received : 1-April-3303 :

Communiques received : 10-April-3303 :