That Which Looms over the Horizon

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#12 [March 3303] That Which Looms over the Horizon

The Guardians’ Origins

The galactic community has been actively helping Ram Tah in his research of a species we currently call the Guardians. The Canonn research group has been at the forefront of this as always, but the CoR and Rifters, as well as other independent commanders, have also been assisting with the community effort – as well as conducting their own investigations. There have been reports of people who has been indiscriminately killing scientists and equipment at the ruin locations, but they could not prevent the breakthrough after many alien codes have been decrypted. Ram Tah has provided a signal signature that is unique to the Guardians’ monolith network. This allows sensors to detect these sites from 1000 LS away; a significant improvement compared to eyeballing planetary surfaces.

From that moment on, many more sites have been discovered. It is believed that somewhere out there, the Guardians have a large area of space quite similar to our own ‘bubble’. Armed with this new knowledge and the new method for finding monolith networks, the race is on to find the origins of this civilizations and maybe also, where they went. Perhaps they are actually not among us anymore. If that is the case, we need to learn what happened to them so we do not suffer the same fate.

Guardian ruins information by The Canonn

Loren’s Legion Issues Request

On the second of March our close allies, the Loren’s Legion’ issued a galaxy-wide request for large amounts of Tantalum to be delivered to Hiram’s Anchorage in Prism. It seems that the demand for their Tantalum has been so high that their own production cannot keep up. The Children have already rallied to help source the minerals to Hiram’s Anchorage. Alessia Verdi has urged us to help too. We trust our allies, but we cannot help but feel a sense of dread from this request.

It is unclear who the clients are for all this Tantalum and what it will be used for. We all know that the metal is a crucial resource for producing frameshift drives, but the supply has been sufficient to keep up with the demand for the past several years. Prism even has a built up a stockpile of the resource. Has that been used up in one go as well? Is someone building a massive fleet or some kind of new super weapon powerful enough to wipe out asteroids? Both do not bode very well and we wonder whether our allies actually know more than they let on.

The Wreaken Protest

Intelligence came late February that Commander Scarlet Ashcroft is organising a peaceful protest against the Wreaken Construction and Mining Corporation by occupying the landing pads of Wreaken owned stations. The protesters demand that Wreaken safety conditions at which their employees are forced to work significantly improve, as well as releasing permits for the Col 70 Sector. This all following the rumors of Wreaken building something ‘large’ within the Col 70 Sector and the recent news of someone found dead near their facilities.

The Children of Raxxla have been able to confirm whether Wreaken’s employees really have poor working conditions, but at least we do know that their facilities are heavily guarded. They really do not like anyone even laying eyes on whatever they are building there. Moreover, although Wreaken is operating in the Col 70 Sector, we do not know whether they have the authority themselves to give permits to the sector to the public, so whether the protest will help is up in the air.

That said, we have been able to make contact with Alessia Verdi and she seemed interested in joining the protest as well as gaining access to the Col 70 Sector. The Children have therefore contacted Commander Scarlet Ashcroft to discuss our participation. It was then decided that the CoR will help a competitor of Wreaken, the Mastopolos Mining Inc. by improving their influence in the Sorbago system.

As most of our pilots are tied up with the Loren’s Legion’s appeal, we are able to only mobilize a small force, but we do think this force is sufficient to reach our goal. 

Wreaken Protest Announcement

Alessia Verdi’s communique :