Salomé’s Message

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#5 [April 3302] Salomé’s Message : Addressing CoR at Beagle Point

April 7th 3302

During the finale of the Distant Worlds Expedition 3302, Salomé met with the last remnants of CoR who had made it to Beagle Point.

The secret meeting occurred at Sanctuary Hill, approximately 30 kms from the Beagle Point basecamp (Darwin’s Legacy).

Those present at the meeting on Beagle Point (April 7th 3302):

– CMDR Salomé
– CMDR Kamzel (Erimus)
– CMDR The Tick
– CMDR Eisen
– CMDR EfilOne
– CMDR Zulu Romeo
– CMDR Ulysses Wolf
– CMDR Kuroshio
– CMDR Freebird
– CMDR Voorheez
– CMDR Joshua Calvert
– CMDR Simon Darkstep
– CMDR Aggie Ninepence (Non-CoR)

After the meeting, CoR pilots escorted Salomé to the basecamp event, which was being beam lived back to human space 65,000 LYs away. The event was broadcast on Frontier’s livestream, hosted by Edward Lewis (Frontier) and Dr. Kaii (one of the DWE3302 organizers).

Salomé delvers a message to the Children of Raxxla, a group of intrepid explorers who took part in the Distant Worlds Expedition to Beagle Point (Jan. 3302 – April 3302).

Salomé’s transcript…

Commanders, I am gratified to see so many of you have survived the voyage here.
My heart goes out to those who lost their lives along the way. Remember them with me.

We are tens of thousands of lightyears from your homes in the core worlds.
What you have achieved is nothing short of breath-taking. The first mass expedition to the far side of the galaxy. Reflect on that for a moment.

You have proved yourselves true explorers, true adventurers.
You have survived many perils along the way; neutron stars, black holes… damage, high-G worlds, double stars… and the haunted emptiness of the void.

I can assure you that the exploration data you have amassed will be invaluable in the future.
Guard it carefully. It is more important than you know.
Six months ago, the Children of Raxxla began an undertaking that has been tried many times before.

Raxxla itself has eluded everyone for nearly five hundred years.
I know this, I found it first mentionned in the Federation data banks on Earth. The year was 2814.
Since then, many have set out to identify it, locate it … Even exploit it.

Those who went before you failed, lost in the darkness and now long forgotten by all but the historians and the lore masters.
Yet, the legends remain.
We have better technology than they did. We can push further and faster.
We have proved we can traverse the galaxy.
Thus, I firmly believe the mysteries of the galaxy will be revealed to us. Raxxla, the Rift and the strange permit locked sectors of the galaxy …

We will uncover the truths that have been concealed by powers both seen …
And unseen.

We are the vanguard of that search, to us it falls to keep looking when others give up.
To keep pushing the veil of the galaxy aside, to find out what lies beyond the darkness.

Now, we must make the journey home, a voyage as daunting as the one we have already undertaken.
So, when the loneliness stalks you, when the isolation gnaws at your mind …

Then, look up … look up and say to yourself :
-“I have loved the stars too dearly, to be fearful of the night.”

Find your resolve Commanders, for you are the true “Children of Raxxla”.

I wish you a safe voyage home, care for that exploration data.
Trouble is brewing in the Core Worlds whilst we are away. It will not be long before I call on your services again.

But for now…