The Formidine Rift and the birth of CoR

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#3 [May 3301] The Formidine Rift and the birth of CoR

The following is a conversation that took place in early May 3301.

The discussion is regarding the Formidine Rift mystery, and was attended by some of the first commanders who met in this thread in March 3301 and were actively searching and mapping the rift before it became a hotbed of exploration.

The Children of Raxxla were born out of this discussion several weeks later, and became an officially sanctioned player faction by FD on September 15th 3301.

11 May 3301

Lester Madden
I’ve become obsessed with locating the Formidine Rift.

Many of you have already seen the clues in Drew’s book. IE take the line from Reorte to Riedquat to the galactic edge and keep going. Those following the clues have come to the conclusion that the rift is the void between the Persus arm and the New Galactic arm. So what we are looking for is beyond or in the rift.

On one hand, it is 12k+ ly from Sol, so you’d have to ask “would a developer put content so far away”. The answer is yes, and I think we are looking in the right area. This why I believe this:

1) The Reorte – Riedquat line clue from the book

2) Space is huge and FD are striving for realism. There is no logical reason why any species would be right on our doorstep other than pew pew convenience

3) From a game perspective, If there was an alien home world on our doorstep. Once revealed, players would be there shooting aliens 24/7. The large distance puts reasonable separation between us and still allows for skirmishes around human space in a realistic way

4) Senator Loren is prepping for journey long journey, part of that includes upgrades is to her ships FSD. The upgrades are classed as significant. There is no reason to assume the class A FSDs on offer to cmdrs are the best money can buy. A significantly upgraded FSD would cut the time taken to reach the rift making it more accessible.

5) I’m still reading ‘Out of the Darkness” by T James (spoiler……—>>) the epilogue talks about a journey over a vast distance traveling in a straight line with very little need to go up or down. I’m trying not to spoil the ending and enjoy the book, but the sneak peak I had, seems to back up the rift being far away.

So, following the clues, I’m pretty comfortable with continuing to explore on the other side of what I believe is the rift. I’m going to ignore Drew’s comment about ‘the core of the matter’ and take a leap of faith that he is talking about the core of a sector rather the galaxy core. There are vast areas of unscoopable stars over the rift making exploration difficult. It could help explain why nothing has been found already if our alien friends live under a dwarf sun. I also I think most people when exploring around the rift are (probably) too focused on getting to the edge of the milky way and don’t stop to search. So the chances of blindly stumbling upon ‘something’ is low .

Of course I could be searching for something that doesn’t exist until 1.3, but I am strangely confident that The Dark Wheel will know the secrets soon.

Gustin Stamatinos
A lot of great observations here Lestenio! I haven’t read other authors yet although I would very much like to. I will likely have more time after a few weeks from now. Great observations with what you’ve read in ‘Out of the Darkness’. Does anyone know of any other clues in any other books?

I believe that Drew’s reference to the core of the problem was designed to let us know that our journey will start in the core worlds through some means, perhaps a quest as indicated by this interview:

Furthermore, when reviewing the clues in Elite: Reclamation which were also listed by some in the forums:

‘Edge of the galactic arm. Take a line from Reorte to Riedquat to the edge of the arm and … keep going.’ The woman grimaced. ‘Stars thin out, you can see the whole galaxy just hanging there. I took a fancy to going exploring after I lost …’ — here, the big clue is seeing the “whole galaxy just hanging there” so we know it’s out toward the very edge of the galaxy.

So how do we know it is between the two arms and not at the very edge of the galaxy? She later states, “Once you reach the rift you’re going to have to plot a way across. There are no stars for dozens of light years and the dark systems haven’t been mapped, so take your time, watch your six” — We wouldn’t be able to plot a way across if there wasn’t something on the other side. However, this also mentions dark system, which to my knowledge have not been implemented in game yet, or if they have, we have no way to detect them yet.

I believe that Erimus was correct in the map he created below. His initiative in the community cartography project is a large part of the reason I’m inviting him (just waiting for him to get a Facebook).

More specifically however, I believe it is in the larger gulf / bay area where the word ‘Rift’ is located (if you drew a line between Sol and the Poseidal Wall).

Lester Madden
Do you have a sector you want me to investigate while I am in the area?

Gustin Stamatinos
I don’t personally have anything in mind yet. I don’t even think it’s necessarily implemented yet (although Braben said the somethings had been there since 1.2). If I were there, I would try to get as far into the Rift as I could and explore each system there. However, it should be noted that I’m currently around the core worlds doing community goals and trading to raise funds for either the Diamond Back or Imperial Courier. So… do what you prefer. Any information you manage will be appreciated ^^

Cmdr Erimus
I knew of a large permit only sector across the rift but I didn’t want to reveal its location for several reasons…. firstly it was something I found by accident sat in Aulin Enterprise one night messing around with the Galactic map and looking for a new long expedition to go on, I was bored and spent a good hour scouring the outer regions for planetary nebula and blackholes, so it was blind luck. This was months ago, long before the Formidine Rift became a hot topic. And secondly, I don’t like adding things to the mapping project maps unless they’ve been physically discovered or visited by a player and a screenshot or video of their find is submitted… So I kept this info to myself until I finally reached its borders yesterday and finished putting the final footage of it into a fan-fiction series I’ve put together about the UA and the Rift. So… do you guys want me to publish my findings, bearing in mind it may have nothing to do with the Formidine Rift or Drew’s story arc, but also on the off chance that it does indeed have something to do with what’s coming it could be a big spoiler for those who are still enjoying working out the clues? Bit of a dilemma here… Let me know how you want me to proceed with this “theory” guys…. Cheers!

Lester Madden
I’m currently around Dryaea which is over the rift. I wouldn’t mind the opportunity to check out the permit sector

Lester Madden
But. I would suggest it stays within the Dark Wheel for a bit so we can investigate

Cmdr Erimus
The video I made kinda gives it away at the end. I was going to hold off publishing it until the eve of 1.3, as that’s when I believe this region could be opened up… but I think people are going to find this region pretty soon as they give up looking coreward, and for audio signals from the UA, and turn their attention Rift-ward.

Lester Madden
Looking coreward they are all in the wrong direction.
Have you / are you going to publish ? I’m keen to investigate

Cmdr Erimus
Ok, I’ll it publish it in the Formidine Rift thread as that’s the one where other explorers who are actually out there physically looking are mostly taking part in. The other thread has gone off on so many tangents I don’t know what to believe anymore. Give me about 30 minutes and I’ll put something up… but again bear in mind, this is just my own personal theory and I could be way off… it really depends on how big the rift is as this region of interest isn’t quite where a lot of players out there are looking.

Cmdr Erimus
Video is up, for what its worth :…=1#post2214422

Lester Madden
Cheers. Your videos are always entertaining btw.

Cmdr Erimus
Cheers Lester.

Gustin Stamatinos
Sounds like a great discovery, CMDR! I haven’t had a chance to review the video yet, but I will.

Lester Madden
My thoughts on the location and permit sector.
Restricting access via a permit until 1.3 or whenever makes perfect sense. It prevents an explorer mapping an entire sector only to find at a later date it’s teaming with thargoids or whatever. So, unless the content is there already, it’s likely to be locked.

On the other hand, the permit sector is several thousand ly away from where R&R line up and that’s quite a distance or margin of error. If all the stars that could have been used, those 2 were chosen.

You may be right about the rough pointer. A lot to digest and think about.

Jura B. Collie
Hey guys, thanks for all the info. I am currently about 8,000LY from Heart and Soul (further than I thought when I had a quick look last night), near where Cmdr Erimus has noted the Perseus Arm on his map. I am happy to look for another way across the rift in this area, it looks like there may be one about the same distance further along the Arm on the Galaxy Map. I can try to cross there, then come down the other side of the Rift back towards where “The New Outer Arm” is noted on the map.

Jura B. Collie
I can also post the Formidine Rift lore from the Oolite Saga as well again here if folks think it would be helpful. Much of it no longer applies, or refers to systems which do not seem to have made it into the ED verse.

Jura B. Collie
I need to re-read Out of the Darkness also… bought it when I was first getting into the game and read it quickly without paying too much attention to the lore.

Cmdr Erimus
I think it all depends on how far the Formidine Rift actually stretches along the outer arm. If its a localized feature, close to and not stretching far beyond, the Heart & Soul Nebula, then that permit region has probably got nothing to do with the current story. Its probably just another region set aside for much later content. But if the Rift is a large feature, as speculated on the maps, then that region could have more relevance to what’s coming since its a fairly large place that could have a lot of content out there. Of course Drew could have thrown us all a curve ball here and have us all looking for something that isn’t physically out there yet, or he could even have us looking in a completely different place altogether.

Jura B. Collie
OK, I’m going to head straight towards the Rift (or the gap between the Perseus and New Outer arms, if it is not the Rift) from the Black Widow Pulsar (if it extends to that point) and see if it is impassable there or not. Then will make a call on turning left or right, or crossing.

Gustin Stamatinos
I went out there with a near 38 LY Asp (37.6 I think) and you won’t get there by going counter-clockwise only clockwise and further away. I have a post a ways down in this page. Look for the post with the Galactic map. It is a little outdated as I had multiple areas suspected to possibly be the rift, but I now agree with Erimus on the location of the rift. Specifically, I believe it is the larger gulf-like area where “Rift” is spelled out on his map.

Cmdr Erimus’ early speculation on the location of the Formidine Rift (circa March 3301) :

Refined map (circa April / May 3301)