Daedalus Wing

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March 3301

The pilots undertaking the Daedalus mission were two of the early ‘Rifters’ that later became part of the original founders of the Children of Raxxla. And the maps they created were some of the earliest of the Formidine Rift. The videolog and roleplay aspect of the Daedalus story became a blueprint for CoR’s content-creation philosophy – i.e. whenever possible, whatever articles they submit via GalNet, or whatever CoR related events that are recorded on the Mapping Project, or via the forums, they should have actually taken place in game at some point. The faction try not to roleplay the major events of the CoR story purely on forums, but instead prefer that they have substance to them via actual in game events that CoR have witnessed, set up, or been a part of.

The Daedalus Wing Expedition was the first known recorded expeditionary mission to explore the secrets of the Perseus arm (circa March 3301). Its mission goals were to scout the permit locked Hyponia region then cross the Formidine Rift and head out to the permit locked Bovomit region.

The mission incorporated a role-played story. The story made mention of discovering the remnants of a covert plan by an imperial corporation contracted to deliver the Mycoid Virus to Thargoid colonies strewn throughout the Perseus arm, several decades earlier.

One of the vessels was presumed lost near the Syroifoe Oasis within the Formidine Rift during an encounter with a UA, the other vessel in the wing is thought to have made it as far as the Bovomit Badlands, but all contact was lost and its fate remains a mystery to this day.

No rescue mission was ever undertaken.

Syroifoe Oasis :

#1 [March 3301] Daedalus Wing (A prelude to CoR Rift exploration)

Part 1 is the journey to Hyponia.

Part 2 – 4 are where the Wing pick up the trail of the derelict Imperial convoy.

Daedalus Wing Part 1 – Mission to Hyponia

Daedalus Wing Part 2 – The Gutamaya Secret

Daedalus Wing Part 3 – Beyond the Rift

Daedalus Wing Part 4 – The Uninvited

One of the earliest Formidine Rift maps (released several months after the Daedalus Mission)