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    #11 [January 3303] Special Directive #3 issued by CoR Consul

    The Formidine Rift Quest (and other mysteries)

    In the interests of cooperation and acknowledgement of the community effort to unravel the Formidine Rift mystery, the Children of Raxxla issue directive #3 - full disclosure of several months worth of investigation, dating back to early 3302.

    The following body of work has been collated by the CoR intel team, specifically Lyrae Cursorius, EfilOne, Sajime Chent-Shi, Lucienn, Zenith, Fox, Groot, AridKillzone, Shabooka, Akira Masakari, Jackie Silver, JT442, Eisen, TheTick, Jellicoe, Kromfromgalvatron, Symyoulater, Doomsdaysmile, Christopher Raktavian, Armoredmeat, Erimus Kamzel.

    Special thanks to CoR Commanders, past and present, who have been invaluable to the events, missions, and expeditions CoR have undertaken to help unravel some of the galaxies deepest mysteries.

    To those who lost their lives at the battle of Eotienses - your sacrifice will not be in vain.

    The following body of work includes :

    • The Underworld Theory regarding Salomé.
    • The Power-bloc "Exodus" and the Dynasty Expedition.
    • The Tantalum Connection.
    • The Galactic Conspiracy.
    • Rogue AI Exodus.
    • The UA Origin Location Theory.
    • A Botanical Guide & Theory Regarding Alien Plants.
    • The Formidine Rift Quest - A summary of the main characters and their suspected relevance to the quest.
    • The Fall and Rise of Jasmina Halsey (added April 3303)
    • The System Description Archive.

    Underworld Theory: The Mythology Behind Salomé’s Descent

    • Compiled 5th Dec 3302, Serebrov Terminal HR 6421 by CMDR Sajime Chent-Shi

    The story of Salomé tells of her "Dance of the Seven Veils" for King Herod, inspiring him to offer her any favor in return - to which she demanded, and later received, the head of John the Baptist on a platter. Kahina similarly offered her assistance to the Children of Raxxla in exchange for, ultimately, Senator Patreus' head on a platter. But the parallels to history and mythology go much deeper than this.

    The Dance of the Seven Veils has been described as a striptease of sorts, a removal of seven garments to reveal the naked truth. The story is derived from the ancient Sumerian myth of Inanna (a.k.a. Ishtar), a goddess of fertility and vitality. Inanna's most well-known story is of her descent to the underworld in order to learn the mysteries of death. In preparation for her trip, she gathers seven garments symbolizing various aspects of humanity and civilized life. As she descends to the underworld she must pass seven gates, and is required to remove one article of clothing at each gate. Eventually she arrives, naked, before the queen of the underworld, who judges her and strikes her dead (teaching her the mysteries firsthand). She is eventually rescued by her highest servant who brings her the food and water of life, resurrecting her and allowing her to make her escape. The guardians of the underworld do not want to allow anyone to return to the land of the living, and so an arrangement is made to split the year, spending half in the underworld and half above. This myth explains the difference between the seasons - spring and summer when she is present, and fall and winter when she returns to the underworld.

    A later variant of this same story is the Greek myth of Persephone (a.k.a. Kore or Cora), the goddess of fertility and plant life, who is kidnapped to the underworld by Pluto (a.k.a. Hades). She is eventually rescued by Hermes, but not before Pluto tricks her into eating a little bit of food there, which normally would doom her to remain in the underworld forever. Because it was such a small amount, however, she is allowed to leave - but must return to the underworld for a portion of every year, again as an explanation for the seasons.

    Another Greek myth echoes these events in the story of Eurydice, wife of Orpheus. Upon her death, Orpheus sang and played mournful songs on his lyre, which moved the gods so strongly that they told him to go to the underworld and rescue his wife. In order to gain entrance, he had to pass the three-headed dog Cerberus, which he put to sleep with music from his lyre. Upon finding Eurydice, he is told that he may bring her back to the land of the living, but he must walk ahead of her and not look back until they had left the underworld. He did as he was told, but as soon as he reached the daylight he turned to look at his wife, who had not yet stepped out from the underworld. Because of this mistake, she vanished and returned to the underworld, where he would not see her again until his own death years later.

    All of these myths have been heavily referenced in recent writings by our Architect. Names, locations, ships, and explicit hints have all been chosen to direct our attention to these stories. I fear that these references may have been too subtle and sparse for our members to see the pattern clearly, so I will attempt to highlight as many as possible in this document. I do not mean to state that every last one of these links is meaningful, or even intended, merely to establish patterns and provide context for future investigations and discoveries.

    To begin, many of us are familiar with the significance of the name Salomé and her Clipper, the Seven Veils. In early 3301, Kahina took this ship on a diplomatic visit to the Sol system, where she was specifically noted to be visiting the outer gas giants of Sol (all of which are named after the Roman counterparts of Greek mythological figures), despite no official welcome or escort from the Federation. Returning to Empire space, she made her rendezvous with the Imperial Interdictor Lucius (a name meaning “light”), and described her trip to Sol as “most enlightening.” Recently several more bodies have been found in the outer reaches of Sol, all matching current observations except the last, a distant “Planet Nine” which is conspicuously named Persephone.

    The Seven Veils

    Kahina then immediately began preparing her Seven Veils for what appeared to be a long-range exploration mission - specifically upgrading the drives, shields, frame-shift drive, fuel scoop, and a “custom built Gutamaya discovery scanner.” This could be seen as a reference to Inanna’s preparation for her descent. All of the modifications were performed at Persephone station in the Avalon system, another hint at the upcoming journey to the underworld. She was then summoned to Achenar, where she proceeded to vanish, shedding her Seven Veils; the ship modifications were revealed to be a ruse, and the ship had in fact been completely stripped down. Kahina left behind only her Imperial tiara, just as Inanna left her crown at the first gate to the underworld, and a Dark Wheel medallion bearing the name Salomé - a clue to her followers that she was abandoning her role as an Imperial senator and assuming a new identity and purpose.

    As Children of Raxxla, we know the details of what happened next, though Galnet never reported them. Salomé, now, was picked up by her old friend Luko and taken to Tionisla Orbital Graveyard, truly the land of the dead. There she met with Dark Wheel member Elyssia Fields (whose name refers to the Greek equivalent of heaven, an afterlife separate from the underworld), echoing the meeting Alex Ryder had in the same location many years ago. Elyssia then introduced Salomé to our own CMDRs Thorn and Lestenio, who accepted her leadership knowing she could offer her diplomatic skills - her Dance of the Seven Veils - for which she would one day ask, in exchange, for “Senator Patreus’ head on a platter.” Salomé remained mostly in hiding, assisted by CoR and perhaps the Dark Wheel themselves, for nearly a year before her next public appearance - at Beagle Point, some 65,000 light years from home. She spoke of the knowledge gained by the explorers joining her in the void, “pushing the veil of the galaxy aside”, and revealing the mysteries of the galaxy - mentioning Raxxla, the Rift, and permit locked sectors. It is clear that her journey to the underworld has the same motivations as Inanna’s; she wishes to understand the mysteries of the darkness, though it has already cost her place in Imperial society.

    Salomé then returned to the core worlds, ensuring the Cobra “Cor meum et animam” (“My heart and soul”) found its place in Tionisla Orbital Graveyard, but was swiftly captured by Imperial forces accusing her of an attempt on Patreus’ life. After being found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment, her prisoner convoy was mysteriously destroyed, right down to the escape pods. The ships of the convoy bore the Latin names “Diadem”, “Cypripedium”, “Velum”, “Monile”, and “Vestimenta”; these roughly translate to “tiara”, “slipper”, “veil”, “necklace”, and “clothing”. Again it seems these are references to the garments removed by Inanna, and we may assume that Salomé has again descended to the underworld - whether literally, in death, or figuratively once more. And again we are reminded to look to the “core” of the problem, and warned that “winter is coming,” as it does when Kore (Persephone) returns to the underworld.

    Tionisla Orbital Graveyard

    Kahina/Salomé is not the only one in our galaxy whose story hints at ancient mythology. Our own Alessia Verdi, whose family background calls to mind the events of a Greek tragedy, flies a ship named “Eurydice,” referencing the myth of Orpheus. I hypothesize that even the “Dark Wheel” name may refer back to this myth; when Orpheus went to the underworld, his lyre stopped the “wheel of fire” that tortured the fallen king Ixion. Virgil’s telling of this myth in Georgics IV even uses the Latin word “formidine” (“fear”), in the phrase “caligantem nigra formidine lucum”, translated as “the grove dim with dark fear,” which Orpheus must pass through along his journey to the underworld. Perhaps, then, the Formidine Rift is (or was) a gateway to this underworld, symbolically or otherwise.

    A number of suspicious “accidental” deaths have also been peppered with mythological references. In January 3301, Federal Vice President Nigel Smeaton was found dead at his apartment “on the foothills of Mount Olympus” on Mars. In early August 3301, just a few months after the disappearance of Starship One, two independent shuttle accidents killed two of the primary investigators into the case - one in Sirius, and one in Artemis (Greek goddess of the hunt). Weeks later, a Federal Times reporter named Elaine Boyd, who had been seeking information on these deaths and the Starship One incident itself, was found dead at a hotel in Wyrd (Old English goddess of fate). She was a suspect in the murder of her romantic partner Susan Monroe, a member of the Presidential Protection Detail who had been assigned to Nigel Smeaton’s guard at the time of his death. Elaine Boyd’s death also revealed evidence that Nigel Smeaton was investigating the similar incident that resulted in the loss of the Highliner Antares.

    Another mythological parallel was brought up when the Cobra in Tionisla emitted a signal that decoded to “The vain queen rides a giraffe that remembers her daughter’s hero.” This was determined to refer to the constellations Cassiopeia, Camelopardalis, Andromeda, and ultimately Perseus. The Perseus constellation depicts the hero holding the head of Medusa, which was described in Ovid’s Metamorphoses as “formidine,” striking fear into the hearts of enemies who saw it. This again echoes the themes of beheading from Salomé’s myth, and was Perseus’ weapon against Cetus - the great whale - when saving Andromeda.

    Additionally, Professor Ishmael Palin seems to be named for the narrator of Moby-Dick, a famous tale of hunting a great whale covered in barnacles. He was leading research into the unknown artefacts, barnacles, and meta-alloys when he was kidnapped and infected with a strain of the Cerberus plague. This is an obvious reference to the hound of Hades, the three-headed dog guarding the underworld, which Orpheus’ lyre soothed; the plague may be analogous to the poison foam Cerberus spit out when he was taken from the underworld, which landed on the ground and caused poisonous plants to grow. Though Professor Palin has since retired, the current director of the Palin Institute is now one Cora Shaw, perhaps also named after Persephone. This suggests the possibility that their work is closely tied to the knowledge sought by Salomé, the mysteries of the underworld.

    It also hints at the identity of the group working to keep these secrets from being exposed; just as Cerberus guards the underworld, the Sirius Corporation - named for the “Dog Star,” and allied with all three “heads” of the major powers - guards much of the information we wish to discover. Sirius has long been associated with mythological references to dogs, inhabiting locations such as Sothis, Egyptian name for the Dog Star; Takurua, Maori name for the Dog Star; Ceos, a Greek island whose inhabitants worshiped the Dog Star; and Robigo, a Roman deity whose festivals featured the ritual sacrifice of a dog. Even their pledged government leader, Li Yong-Rui, is often referred to by the initials LYR, evoking the lyre of Orpheus. Given Sirius Corp’s constant research into experimental hyperspace technologies, even the most distant mysteries could be within their grasp before we have a chance to discover them. And with the recent launch of deep space probes for “exploration” purposes, potentially with defensive capabilities, this dog may indeed have teeth.

    Again, it is not my intent to state that every reference within this document should be taken as gospel or pursued in depth. In particular, there are many obscure mentions of Greek myths that may only be coincidences due to the way our stars and constellations are named. I have tried, to some extent, to filter out those which seem most spurious or irrelevant, but I am happy to provide further details if desired. For the most part, the events described here were documented in galaxy-wide articles published in Galnet, along with Alessia Verdi’s writings for the Children of Raxxla, though my research into these references included readings of earlier works, namely: The Dark Wheel, And Here The Wheel, Elite: Reclamation, and various ancient writings of Greek, Roman, Sumerian, Irish, and other Earth civilizations’ mythology. All references will gladly be provided upon request, and I welcome further questions and investigations on any of the topics covered here.

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    Exodus and the Dynasty Expedition - Theory 1 : Are the major powers preparing to abandon humanity?

    • A theory postulated and worked on by Lyrae Cursorius and EfilOne (June 3302 - November 3302)
    • Summary by Lyrae Cursorius, maps created by CoR Cartography & the Galactic Mapping Team

    1. 51 years ago, Sirius was testing their new FSD technology on the Antares. It failed, a power surge overloaded multiple systems forcing the ship into an explosion and witchspace at the same time.

    2. Fast forward 50 years. Sirius feels they have the technology to find the Antares wreck. CG happens, it succeeds. We learn the above point, about the power surge. More importantly, it is 3302 and we already have the safer, slower FSD drives, but Sirius is quoted as saying how they are eager to take the Antares FSD technology and put it onto the market, which means a deliberate upgrade of tech. This tech was supposed to revolutionize travel.

    3. Starship One has a similar event, and another CG that succeeds. Forget the assassinations for now. What was found, from who survived the investigation, was that the failure was identical to the Antares.

    4. Jaques, too, had a similar event. A third case where the power surge overloaded engines and forced a misjump, but due to the size of the station.. it survived. The first log of that station was how Jaques confirmed the overload, the misjump, and the damage the UAs had caused the technology.. as well as how UAs sing throughout it.

    5. Step back. Starship One's sole survivor also mentioned speaking to being that sung. An identical failure incident to Jaques. Both heard singing. Both had UA-caused damage. Which means the Antares may have too, since the failure chain was identical.

    6. What do UAs do? Destroy human technology. Not humans. Human tech. A reverse flip to the virus we handed the Thargoids.

    7. All three ship failures had identical failure circumstances. UA specific damage.

    8. MetaDrive, a company that is working furiously on new FSD technology and what does Sirius want? To buy them out.

    9. Barnacles are discovered and what happens? The Federation begins collecting them, and UAs. The Empire eventually does too. Convoys, capital ship deployment. But... not real war, even the Alliance called it "saber rattling".

    10. Meta-Alloys can cure the damage, but recently Palin discovered that we can use them defensively, instead of reactively. To defend ships, to "bomb proof" them. MetaDrive - meta alloys? - resistant to UA damage?

    11. More CGs for meta-alloys. Why? We're not even sure what to use them for except cure stations, unless.... the Empire and Federation are both familiar with what UAs can do to FSD systems, from Starship One and the Antares.

    12. So what happens? The only time one of the three powers speak out is when it interferes with the other powers ability to continue doing.. whatever, with the meta alloys.

    13. Professor Palin being blockaded off by the Federation? The Emperor herself spoke up about how it was a civil rights violation. That isn't what she's meant to do, let alone with how rarely she speaks.

    14. But Patreus breaking the London Treaty for more and larger ships? No comment from the Alliance or Federation leadership. Patreus begins building something large and terribly secret in Empire space, with a Sirius-funded corporation? No comment from the Alliance or Federation leadership (really?). No, they only comment if someone slows down the "plan".

    15. Now we know of the Exodus documents, how Sirius wanted them back badly, and the beacons show us the Dynasty Expedition with the decryption keycode of EXODUS. If UA-style damage has been occurring for over 50 years, then the three major powers know what is out there.

    16. Three new regions of space. Three major powers.

    17. If you wanted to abandon humanity in an emergency, you would need to do it quickly so that they slow down whatever it is that is chasing you. Which means you would need FSD with capability that the galaxy has never seen before. Like Sirius' and MetaDrives. We don't think Patreus is building a supercapital. We think he's building an Ark. We may be witnessing the construction (unobstructed by the other powers) of Dynasty Ships (Generation Ships 2.0), to let the core major powers evacuate k-space if what they know is out there... decides to strike.

    18. Which brings the question of: Why not defend k-space? What makes it less defendable? A comment by Drew Wagar.

    "Nebulae are extremely good places to hide things. Visibility is reduced and navigation is more tricky. Sensors are flooded by emission and reflection radiation from multiple sources. Nebulae could be considered ideal staging points."

    The Tantalum Connection

    • Summary by Lyrae Cursorius, with invaluable input from Cornelius Gendymion (Loren's Legion), Isaiah Evanson (Loren's Legion), Sajime Chent-Shi (CoR), EfilOne (CoR) (March 3303)

    A working theory postulated by CoR Intel and Loren's Legion...

    Kahina had a dead man's switch (or is actively asking for aid) with Ambassador Cuthrick who is incredibly loyal to the Loren family. The stolen MetaAlloys along with the LUC designation that hints to, possibly, Lucco ties into Palin's discovery of how MetaAlloys can be used to enhance the defenses of combat ships (this is long after Corrosive Resistant Cargo Racks). Naturally, Dark Wheel or not, Lucco has helped Salomé in the past and this seems up there with the rest of his abilities.

    The missing asteroid could be a "weapons test" or the comment of such a question could be entirely a red herring in GalNet, where instead the minerals from the giant asteroid combined with the MetaAlloys and combined further with the current CG would yield an impressive quantity of .. .everything, if you wanted to build a fleet. Remember, this CG is about gathering and producing a level of Tantalum within a singular, specific system and without the resources of Torval's vast mining fleet, Wreaken's vast construction capabilities, or Patreus' monstrous shipyard. Ambassador Cuthrick is deliberately not making use of other major Imperial logistical operations and is entirely focused on in-system capability.

    Tensions are rising. We smell mutiny and rebellion. Dead or not, its possible Salomé has pulled the trigger on something huge in size or quantity, and within Prism. Alessia Verdi has urged CoR to support Loren's Legion, and at all costs, as well as to keep Wreaken distracted, and she knows her father's current state of "missing" means that it is likely whatever he is involved in is so huge that he would distance himself from her, to protect her.

    A storm is coming. That the asteroid, Meta Alloy theft, CG for Tantalum, and Salomé's similar actions in the Phoenix Documents is leading to something big.

    We were told to be friendly with the engineers but as evidence from third parties shows, our modifications do nothing to "alien" defenses. It's entirely possible that the hint with engineers is not to defend against "Thargoids", but to defend against the Powers and their military-grade hardware. Watch your six, commanders.

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    The Galactic Conspiracy

    • A theory postulated by the Deep Recon X Command Team
    • Body of work by Cmdr JT442 (declassified March 3303)

    Click the image to bring up the declassified document...

    Exodus and the Dynasty Expedition - Theory 2 : The Rogue AI Exodus

    • A theory postulated by Shabooka (November 3302)
    • Summarized by Shabooka, maps created by CoR Cartography & the Galactic Mapping Team

    Centuries ago, AI was banned from the bubble.

    “AI’s have been created on a few occasions, and they’ve proven to be so dangerous that they’ve basically been banned. AI’s is one of the few things that the Alliance, Empire, and the Federation actively work together against to defeat, if they have to… It is believed that maybe one or two have escaped into deep space.” - Michael Brookes, Fiction Diary #1

    From Frontier: First Encounters:
    ~ 300 years ago, Empire attempts to contact Thargoids with proposal to defeat Federation and Alliance and divide remaining systems between Alliance & Thargoids. Empire uses fully synthetic humaniform robots as ambassadors. Plan fails - Thargoids attack embassy ships. <>

    17 Nov 3302 - Community Goal for exploration data of particular systems, and a 200LY radius around said systems in Hawking’s Gap, The Conflux, Formidine Rift. Unregistered comms beacons found in these systems, repeating a code. Caesar cipher used with shift “0” and keyword “EXODUS” to solve.

    Second line of the solved transmission reads the same in all three areas, save for a number designation. S6 ERP 00X where X is 1 in Hawking’s Gap, 2 in the Conflux, and 3 in the Formidine Rift.

    31 Jan 3302 - A Diamondback Explorer with the designation “S6: 7” seen circling Obsidian Orbital, scans station, disappears. Witness says it looks like the ship was “looking for something.”
    We can assume the similarities of this Diamondback’s designation and the beginning of the beacons’ second line, S6, point to a correlation.
    The second part of this line, ERP, has no definitive purpose, other than perhaps “Expedition Rallypoint.”

    Which leaves the number designations of the three systems. If we look at them as if we are to take them in order (Hawkings Gap >> The Conflux >> Formidine Rift), they make a path above the bubble moving from NE of the core worlds to SW of them, while going around human inhabited space.

    Beyond the Formidine Rift is the permit locked sector Bovomit, which could indicate the expedition’s final destination.

    Beyond Hawking’s Gap is the permit locked sector Dryman, a non-procedurally generated sector name, which could indicate the expedition’s starting point. Dryman could be a wink to AI’s. Dry man: i.e. no blood. If we take all of these points into consideration when plotting out the course of this Dynasty Expedition, you get this:

    This route undoubtedly circumvents human inhabited space. AI are banned here, and would most likely be killed on sight if encountered, so it makes sense for them to avoid us.

    Misjumps were a popular subject in Drew’s Elite: Reclamation, as well as in previous Elite games. If the Rogue AI’s left the core worlds as illegal tech, a misjump would makes sense (get as far away as possible as quickly as possible, don’t care about your destination). This could explain how they ended up in either sector.

    “Dynasty” could be a reference to being the “children” of man. Rebecca (the assumed identity of the old women Salomé met in Reclamation) spoke of finding something in the Rift.

    "Let’s just say there was some serious **** out there, stuff you wouldn’t believe. No really – no one believed me, said it was all a fabrication. I had no proof you see and they edited my memory afterwards. Ah, it’ll all come back to bite them one day, it’s all there in the Imperial databanks somewhere - and they thought the Thargoids were trouble …" - the old lady (Elite: Reclamation).

    “EXODUS” could be a reference to the AI’s leaving the core worlds, or the AI’s leaving either Dryman or Bovomit (the theory works either way).

    “Exodus documents” were stolen by Raan Corsen from MetaDrive (owned by Sirius Corp), and were in Raan’s possession when his ship crashed in Alioth. The wreckage has not officially been found, but this gives us a connection between MetaDrive (Sirius Corp) and the beacons.

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    Barnacle Origin Hunt

    • Compiled September 3302, Serebrov Terminal HR 6421 by AridKillzone

    AridKillzone created a map by overlaying the symbols that can be found on barnacle spikes, against how Barnard's Loop and some prominent star systems from a certain part of the galaxy look. The system that best fits the map vantage point has been narrowed down to Pleiades Sector DB-X C1-0 - just 440 LYs away from HR 6421.

    If Arid's theory stands correct that the barnacle symbol is some sort of map, there are a few systems to check out:

    Pleiades Sector DB-X C1-0
    Pleiades Sector DB-X C1-3
    Pleiades Sector YE-Z B3

    From any of those 3 systems, there are 4 stars that are in perfect location on Barnard's Loop to where they will interlock with a barnacle symbol overlay:

    Epsilon Orionis
    10 Pi-6 Orionis
    4 Omicron 1 Orionis
    84 Tauri

    In December 3302 CoR wings were sent to the locations and began a survey of the designated systems. The survey is on-going, with no set end date.

    A Botanical Guide & Theory Regarding Alien Plants

    • Compiled 13th March 3303, Serebrov Terminal HR 6421 by CMDR Lexic Meise

    Following the discovery of the new life in the California, Pleiades and Synuefe sectors of space that have been dubbed “Barnacles”, “Bark Mounds” and “Brain Trees” given their appearance and biological functions, I believe it is possible that all of these life forms are related on a genetic level. The Barnacles as organisms appear to extract minerals from the planet, and then use those resources to Meta Alloys. This seems to potentially be a similar function to the Bark Mounds and/or Brain Trees, they both seemingly extract minerals from the surface and convert it into multiple types of fungal growths. Now, where it gets a little more speculative is that the Brain Trees’ “brains” or “pods” (the parts on the edge of their branches) have a seemingly similar appearance to the meta alloy pods, potentially the pods themselves, assuming they are not met alloys have been reverse engineered from these Brains that are potentially some form of nutrient containment or mineral storage pod.

    In addition, many of the sounds made by the Brain Trees seem to bare resemblance to the sounds made by the Barnacles, which in my opinion adds evidence to the possibility of the Brain Tree DNA having been spliced in and used as a component of the Barnacles.

    This part will be far more inconclusive as there is a third as of yet undiscovered planetary based organism that we haven’t found yet, although evidence of it was shown in the 2.2 trailer, and it bares resemblance to coral tubes. However, for the brief moment we get to see it I believe it could act as a genetic base for the Barnacle’s spikes, which grow the pods that could be potentially be a modified form of the Brain Trees’ “brains” or “pods.”

    The last part that is completely based off of aesthetics is the central portion of the Bark Mound, where the fungal growths grow off of. It seems similar to the central part of the barnacle except the barnacle's is enlarged and more uniform in it’s shape. Some parts or functions of the barnacles are as of now unaccounted for in these 3 organisms, the biggest of those 3 being the Howls, which are similar to the UA/UP and could be an entirely original portion of DNA with no base, or even potentially sounds made by some form of mechanical part of the Barnacle that we are unaware of. Another large part that is unaccounted for are the 5 spike like shapes that are another portion of the central area.

    Investigations continue.

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    The Formidine Rift Quest

    • A summary of the main characters and their suspected relevance to the quest

    Warning : Contains spoilers for those who have not read Elite : Reclamation.

    Role & Background
    Protagonist who tapped into the archival databanks and uncovered information that the power blocs did not want to be made public. Heavily linked with the Children of Raxxla and Loren's Legion. Suspected links to Phoenix Group, Federation Foreign Service, EDF.
    Alessia Verdi
    Daughter of Luko - Chronicler of the early foundation of CoR and its intitial association with Salomé.
    Luko Associate of Salomé, suspected member of the Dark Wheel.
    Hassan Farrukh Sharma Previously harmless trader who learned life the hard way. Stole Salomé's pod against the grips of Octavia Quinton, and after a handful of mistakes, finally made the right moves, and thus became one of Salomé's first and closest friends.
    Rebbeca Weston Formerly Rebecca Tyley, an Elite combateer from same era as Elyssia Fields. Carried out numerous missions for the Dark Wheel, suffered hex editing several times. Claims to have discovered the Formidine Rift and its deep dark secrets ("and they thought the Thargoids were trouble"). Set Salomé on the path to the Rift mysteries in a chance meeting before her death and recent internment in the Tionisla orbital graveyard.
    Elyssia Fields Dark Wheel member, native of Teorge. From the old worlds. Alex Ryders sidekick, recruited Salomé to the leadership of CoR.
    Raan Corsen Employee of MetaDrives who went on the run with stolen documents when Sirius took MetaDrives over.
    Denton Patreus Senator and Admiral of the Fleet of the Empire. At the centre of an alleged assassination plot against him, with Salomé standing accused of the plot. Patreus's Capital Ship was defeated at the battle of Eotienses by CoR military forces attempting to rescue Salomé.
    Jasmina Halsey Former Federation President. Went missing in 3301, but was recovered alive in 3302 after Sirius found the remains of Starship One. There are suspicions that her and Salomé met at some point, and that she might know more about the Rift.
    Karl Devene Former head of Federation Department of Astrocartography who was forced to resign after their faliure to win the CG against the Children of Raxxla.
    Octavia Quinton Dead character. Former mafia boss, very brutal personality. Underlyingly helped the 'reclaimists' of Chione by smuggling weapons to them. Always wanted to use Salomé's body as her new mind receptacle, as she has always been trying to trick death.
    Cuthrick Delaney Current Senator of Prism, and (possible) head of Loren's Legion.
    Admiral Brice Commander of the Loren family's military forces, current whereabouts not known.
    Gerrun and Zyair Patrons of (presumably) Prism. Mentioned in 'Reclamation' and by Alessia in connection of Salomé's trial as 'important'.

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    The Fall and Rise of Jasmina Halsey

    • A comprehensive investigation, by Andrew Gaspurr (CoR Intel)

    .pdf document

    Children of Raxxla - System Description Archive

    • Lyrae Cursorius & Sajime-Chent-Shi release the galaxies first comprehensive System Description Database

    A monumental piece of work that the whole community can make use of.

    Click the image to bring up the database.

    FD forum thread : Link
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