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    Applicant's Please Read Here

    Applicants : Please read the background information regarding the Children of Raxxla and its Guiding Principles before proceeding. Note that the Children of Raxxla are a group that focuses its activities on exploration, role-playing and mystery-solving. We only ever resolve to the use of arms if forced to by other players / groups or if the games BGS needs us to fight for our systems. We frown upon immature conduct and on trigger-happiness.

    Once you have read that post, and agree to abide by its contents and the points mentioned above, you can create your account.

    Please use your in-game CMDR name for registration.

    You will be required to populate the fields below while creating your account

    Your CMDR name
    Gaming Platform PC, XBOX, PS4
    Your in-game ranks (Combat, Trade, Exploration)
    Your Frontier Forum user name
    Are you 18yrs or older
    Prefered method of play (eg) Combat, Exploration etc
    What do you know about Elite Lore / Elite books you have read
    How long have you been playing Elite Dangerous
    What is Your Discord User Name
    Long term goals in ED
    Twitter, Inara and Reddit profiles
    Any other allegiance we have to know about (Private groups etc)
    Once completed, your forum account will go into holding position while a few security checks are run.
    If all the inputed information is correct, your account will be authorised allowing you to post in the public sections of our forum.

    You may then apply to become an Initiate by making a new thread in Applicants Alley, Your application can be role-play orientated if this is your prefered interest, we will be more than happy to Role-Play any given scenario.

    Due to the timescale involved with recieving an application from a Role-Play Applicant, We are only able process 2 applicants per month, which will come on a first come basis.
    Should you make any type of application during this time it will be placed on hold and rotate over to the following month.

    Don't despair if your not Role-play orientated, We still cater for a majority of interests, whether that be BGS, Exploration, PvE and PvP etc.

    Please make your application informative and eligible, really make that first post count.

    If your application is approved we will send you an invite to our Discord server, this is our primary mode of communication and group interaction. You will initially be granted the Cadet role on Discord and Forum

    Please post an introduction in the #General-Discussion channel

    Cadets may be required to perform tasks in or around our home-system of HR 6421, duties may include achieving allied status to the CoR-faction by accepting and fulfilling missions or selling exploration data in one of our controlled systems. Please ping a Consul member before selling your data or taking on any missions.

    Other missions may be allocated based upon your application interests.

    Once you've been accepted as a Child of Raxxla you are welcome to post a more in-depth Commander profile on the linked thread below. This one is purely voluntary and may be used as a source of information for CoR roleplayed events.

    Children of Raxxla Commander Profiles

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    The Children of Raxxla are made up of...

    CoR Intel
    CoR Sword
    CoR Roleplay
    Salomé’s Shadow PC (or Salomé’s Shadow for X-Box & PS4 players)

    The Initiates are made up of...

    Cadets (Applicants that are in between acceptance and final approval)

    Cadets :

    • Applicants who posted their application and have been accepted by CoR leadership. Before being accepted as a Cadet, applicants must categorically state that they have read the principles and will abide by them.
    • Once processed they are assigned the Cadet role on discord.
    • Cadets get access to General Discussion and Low Priority Announcements plus a few of the peripheral low priority channels.
    • Cadets do not get invited to official CoR events that involve sensitive information gathering or reconnaissance.
    • Cadets gather reputation by being active in our Discord-Channels, e.g. by taking part in discussions or contributing to our cause in ways that are helpful. They will be watched by Consul.
    • Cadets are required to fulfil tasks given to them by Consul. Tasks are mainly centered on BGS-activities of the group.
    • After fulfillment of the task a Consul member must be provided with a screenshot as proof.

    The Children of Raxxla :

    • These are commanders that have successfully passed step one and step two of the application-process and have been promoted afterwards.
    • Children of Raxxla are mandatory assigned the “Salomé’s Shadow” role. Accepting the invitation to Salomé’s Shadow reaffirms your commitment to abide by the principles and additionally commits you to defend all advanced NPCs that are part of Drew’s narrative (if called upon).
    • Children of Raxxla can be invited into CoR Intel, CoR Roleplay, or CoR Sword if they show initiative and are actively involved in the mysteries and/or CoR instigated events.
    • CoR Intel is by invitation only and should not be requested. Only existing Intel or Consul can nominate new Intel Officers.
    • CoR Roleplay is by invitation but interested members may also request an invite. Please only request this additional role if you can commit to active roleplay (in game and out). Acceptance will be via agreement from members of the existing roleplay team.
    • Consul may remove roles from members that have remained inactive for a period of time (approx. 6 weeks). We want our members to be active and contributing.
    • Consul will issue one warning to anyone trolling or spamming the various CoR mediums. Further disruption will lead to suspension from CoR events, discord, and forums, for a period of time. Further disruption will lead to membership termination.
    • Consul will immediately terminate the membership of anyone who undermines the group, its events, or its in-game actions.

    Discord Channel Structure:


    • Introduction channel that all invitees land on (linked to from our website).
    • Has logo and info for new recruits.
    • Has brief channel description of each channel on the server.
    • Includes links to website and important CoR threads.
    • No posting privileges - channel is read only for everyone.
    • Can be viewed by everyone.


    • For communicating important information and directives server wide using the @everyone command.
    • Can be viewed by everyone above Cadet level.
    • Posting privileges for Consul only.


    • For communicating public domain info, GalNet links, links to Drew’s tweets etc.
    • Can be viewed by everyone.
    • Posting privileges for Consul only.


    • Private channel for all CoR intel related discussion.
    • Strictly invite only. Invites only allowed for Children of Raxxla members who have been active within the group for at least 6 months (some rare exceptions are made).


    • For posting current CoR missions and directives that players can get involved in. These include BGS directives, latest Faction News updates, and Exploration missions.
    • Can be viewed by everyone above Cadet level.
    • Posting privileges for Consul only.


    • For archiving old pinned posts, information, links, docs, and all relevant data the Consul deem worthy of keeping for posterity.
    • Can be viewed by everyone above Salomé’s Shadow level.
    • Posting privileges for Consul only.


    • For all general chit chat, ED related, or not. No real world politically charged or religious comments please.
    • Can be viewed by everyone.
    • Posting privileges for everyone.


    • For discussion of current CoR Directives and/or on-going theories.
    • Can be viewed by everyone above Cadet level.
    • Posting privileges for everyone above Cadet level.


    • General discussion channel for Children of Raxxla X-Box Pilots
    • Can be viewed by everyone assigned the Salomé’s Shield or Shadow role.
    • Posting privileges for everyone above Cadet role.


    • Strictly for in-character discussion and event logs only.
    • Can be viewed by everyone.
    • Posting privileges for everyone including Cadet role.


    • Private channel for the CoR members taking part in the Legacy Campaign in-game event.
    • Posting privileges are by request (special role), and are only allowed for Children of Raxxla.


    • Private channel for the roleplay team to discuss all CoR-related roleplay directives and CoR in-game events.
    • Invite only (but access requests will be considered). Invites and requests only allowed for Children of Raxxla commanders that have an active interest and willingness to roleplay.


    • Test channel for the E.D.R.P.G board game.
    • Posting privileges for everyone assigned the edrpg role.


    • For all exploration-related discussion.
    • Can be viewed by everyone.


    • For all combat-related discussion.
    • Can be viewed by everyone with or above Salome’s Shadow role.


    • For pilots dedicated to defending HR 6421 and CoR assets from BGS undermining as well channel alerts for rapid security assembly, and coordination of CoR security missions.
    • For discussing the Mission-Board events and BGS-related news/directives.
    • Can be viewed by everyone assigned the Salomé's-Sword role.
    • Posting privileges for everyone assigned the Salomé's-Sword role.


    • Private channel for ambassador dialogues.
    • For Consul and External Ambassadors only.


    • For ED-related videos and screenshots.
    • Can be viewed by everyone.
    • Posting privileges for everyone.


    • For players looking for crew, to be a crew member, or to form wings with fellow pilots currently online.
    • Can be viewed by everyone.
    • Posting privileges for everyone.

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