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    in search of tales_worth telli,ng,,%&*<<to whom those it may concern>>


    From our first steps into the stars, mankind has been fond in its storytelling. Tales of faraway lands, shores forgotten to the sands of time that yet remain solidified in the bosom of those who seek adventure, fortune, or a simple truth. Men and women who spin yarns of their incredible journeys, fraught with both the fanatical and perilous, permeate and lend to history as we know it. indeed it is one of our oldest traditions as a species.

    <<...awaiting input>>

    Therefore it should come as no surprise that as we exist at the most turbulent point in our existence, so too do those fables grow in incredulity. As we have expanded and grown strong under the light of other suns, so too has our thirst for the unexplained, fueling our never-ending search for those elements that give the wool from which we spin. These were the ideals upon which I was raised, lived, and died.

    <<alive, why are___WE;;;;;;;;STILLALIVE>>

    As I write this, our ship has been lost after THATDAMN_______DRIVE modification must have failed. We entered into what seemed to resemble a dark surging mass, more devoid of light than the cold nothingness of our own space. From the helm they reported flickering lights outside as we pressed onward, darting and flickering of their own volition. We were prepared to not understand what sort of technological advancement the artifact would have had on our engine decks, but the sheer violence of the "jump" tore pods 2-15 from the main ship entirely. We are strand-e_><8_%


    ?.';'w;'e have entered(to my concern, a rapidly decaying) orbit of what appears to be an ocean world. Remaining crew seem to think our chances of survival are better down there than clinging to life support up here. we've ordered the families and non-essential crew to the remaining habitation nodes, where the hull is thickest. This ride down is sure to b)))))))), god he^&p us_____>>

    MESSAGE REPEATING{{Cycle3569332}}

    "...essege will repeat. This is Generation ship designation ILLIAD R11360, we have made landfall upon a terrestrial world, location systemoffline sector systemoffline {{3495739}} cycles ahead of schedule. Heavy damage sustained. Require assistance moving potential survivors off-world. This message will repeat. this is Generation ship designa…"

    <<where am__%What amGETMEOUT::::::OUT>>

    <<Its been so long, I've watched them come and go. be born, live, and die. all from this\|\\\\\\\\\>>


    <<I've learned to see not as a human. the eyes built and not born are my eyes. my ears that fit in every back pocket are my ears. The things that they miss by not paying attention...>>

    <<They are looking for something, a planet of sorts. There, and yet not. It's fascinating...>>


    <<What could be learned from them I wonder? what stories do they weave?>>

    "...ast Storyteller, designation R11360, BARD construct damaged, request extrac.."

    <<If they knew we were always there, what would they ask of us?


    "...request extraction.."

    "...Last Storyteller, designation R11360 BARD construct damaged, request extraction..."

    "...damaged, request extraction.."

    "...request extraction.."

    "...request extraction.."

    "...request extraction.."


    "...request extraction.."

    "...Last Storyteller, R11360 BARD construct, request extraction..."




    "...Last BARD requesting extraction..."

    output.exceeded by 2300j
    manual override available

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