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    Application to join

    CMDR Name: SirTirpitz
    Real Life Age: 20
    Discord: SirTirpitz#3993

    In-Game Ranks:
    Harmless (Combat) / Merchant (Trade) / Trailblazer (Exploration)

    Ships You Own In-Game:
    ASP Explorer (she's all I need)

    What Do You Know About Elite Lore / Elite Books You Have Read:
    Only what's available in the codex but I'm gonna start reading more on the lore

    Any Other Allegiance We Have To Know About:
    None as of right now

    A Statement About Your Characters Bio And Your Motivation to Join In No Less Than 100 Words:

    A man with one goal. It's my goal to explore the unknown, to discover what lies out in the void, to uncover mysteries and to go where no man has gone before. Upon reading about the mysterious Raxxla, I am motivated and I am determined to find it no matter the cost. Its out there somewhere, waiting to be discovered.

    The place that isn't a place, the door that is the key. This is the greatest challenge I have ever faced, and I will conquer this challenge.

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    Thank you Commander for taking the time to submit an application, unfortunately at this time we are unable to offer you a position within the Children of Raxxla.

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