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    LordFancazzen application

    CDMR Name:LordFanCazzen
    Real life age:37
    Frontier forum:LordFanCazzen
    Platform:Xbox one

    In game rank
    Explorer -elite
    Trade- elite
    I have14 weeks of game

    I read the dark wheel romance
    I have medals bronze for xenon hunting
    I've always done research to discover the mysteries in game, I like the bgs and the role-playing game, I spend a lot of time playing, I only have elite as a game, because it's my passion.
    I have always been attracted to the elite story, I have a ship for everything, completely ingenered, I have and 3 cutters, 2 corvettes, 2 Anaconda, phanton krait, phiton, and others.
    I read the line guides and I'm willing to follow them.
    I have always wanted to be part of this group, I will be very happy to be so, I would like to know if you have a squadron in Xbox and get straight to work.
    Thank you, I hope to be welcomed into your squadron and get to know everyone

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    Jan 2017
    Thank you CMDR LordFanCazzen for submitting an application to join The Children of Raxxla, unfortunately at this time we are unable to offer you a position in our Cadet programme

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