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    Application for Commander Chaes

    Hello everyone of the CoR. I would love to be a part of this roleplaying community as I too am interested, maybe obsessed, with discovering the secrets of the universe. Since I was a child, I had heard rumours of Raxxla. Growing up on the outskirts of civilized empire space I grew to have a love of exploration and curiosity. I grew up in a small remote colony of the empire, almost forgotten and left to rot as a poor farming community. It was there I learned from xeno-communicating monks of the secrets of xua-wi. (a forgotten xeno mysticism) This ancient technique of magick and meditation taught me that there is much to be learned out in the void that can't be explained conventionally. The guardians left behind a framework for us to continue in order to defeat the thargoids and thrive as a species. I learned early on how to fend for myself in the black markets of space. I lived the life on the run out of financial necessity. Mostly I was interested in honest work, exploration, although my system didn't seem to promote much of that effort and I was left smuggling more illegal cargo. Eventually when I came of age I got the courage to steal my first ship, a Vulture. Using the credits from bounty hunting and trading data, I was able to finally upgrade to a Krait Phantom. It has been the dream of mine to find the legend of Raxxla that was told to me in stories of my youth. As a consequence of my upbringing I have a constant desire to discover and seek out more than my current standing. My goal is to be immortalized by a monumental and great discovery. Although I have seen my fair share of war, scuffles, bounty hunting, and other spacer work in action I greatly desire to explore the vast unknown and make an impact on the future world through scientific discovery and efforts of my own. After much struggle I finally found the DW2 expedition. Feeling that this was the perfect opportunity to prove my meddle against the other explorers, I signed the roster with my ship, The Aurelian Phantom (Krait phantom). Here I would pave my legacy with the great commanders of the first expedition, here I would make a name for myself. Explorers will know the name CMDR Chaes and his discoveries.

    CMDR Chaes


    combat: expert
    trade: entrepreneur
    exploration: pathfinder

    21 Years old

    prefer exploration and combat

    Lore: Misc lore but planning on learning more during DW2 (on audiobook)

    playing since Horizons dropped

    Discord: Alchaemeus

    Long term goals: create a legacy, discover something unique and memorable

    motivation to join: I really want to gain some friends to play the game with, and I'd love nothing more than to Roleplay seriously haha.

    Let me know if you guys are interested in me joining. I will be active in DW2 and plan on roleplaying the entire time. I would love to have some friends and support in this endeavor.

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    Thank you CMDR Chaes for submitting an application to join The Children of Raxxla, unfortunately at this time we are unable to offer you a position in our Cadet programme

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