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Thread: New Application

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    New Application

    CMDR Name: DrofaVV
    Real Life Age: 20
    Frontier Forum Username: DrofaVV
    Discord: DrofaVV#8805

    Gaming Platform: PC

    In-Game Ranks:
    Elite (Combat) / Elite (Trade) / Elite (Exploration) / Mostly Harmless (CQC)

    How long have you been playing Elite Dangerous:
    I started playing in July 2015. To date, I have played more than 3500 hours.

    Ships You Own In-Game:
    I have available all 37 ships. All of them are fully equipped with everything necessary to perform the tasks of interest to me.

    Twitter, Inara and Reddit profiles:

    What Do You Know About Elite Lore / Elite Books You Have Read:
    Unfortunately, due to poor knowledge of English, I was not able to get acquainted with the originals of literary works devoted to the world of "Elite Dangerous". But thanks to my curiosity, and close cooperation with a number of leading Russian-speaking research communities, I own a huge amount of knowledge about everything that is happening in the galaxy.

    Any Other Allegiance We Have To Know About:
    Officer in the EG Pilots (The largest Russian-speaking community); I am the leader of "AX Corps of the EG Pilots"; I am one of the leaders of "Triumvirate" (largest Russian AX association); I am one of the leaders of GXI (Galactiс Xenofobic Initiative).

    A Statement About Your Characters Bio And Your Motivation to Join In No Less Than 100 Words:
    Almost a year has passed since the moment when I devoted almost all of my time to protecting humanity from an alien threat. During this time I managed to create a single Russian-speaking AX front. During this time I managed to create a single Russian-speaking AX front. Of course, this is not only my merit. Without my allies, this was simply impossible. During this time there have been many amazing events. But recently, I learned about the existence of "The Club" and its role in the development of human history. It made me take a fresh look at what was going on around me.

    Now, I want to get to the truth just like you. I want to discover all the secrets of the galaxy, and finally understand-what it really is. I am ready to help you in any way possible.

    Regardless of your answer, I want to thank you for your time and wish you success in all your endeavors.

    P.S. Apologize for my English.

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    Greetings Commander DrofaVV,

    Please, never apologise for your English skills.
    Your application is extremely well written, polite and we really appreciate the time you have obviously put into it. Unfortunately some of your obligations do not fall in line with CoR's guiding principles therefore I am unable to offer you a Cadet position

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