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    2nd application attempt.

    Your CMDR name- DRAGON DARKO
    Gaming Platform - Xbox one
    Your in-game ranks- Triple elite cmdr
    Your Frontier Forum user name- Dragon_Darko
    Are you 18yrs or older- 39
    Prefered method of play - Exploration, mostly areas of interest, kinda like a space detective and the need to visit and solve the unknown.
    What do you know about Elite Lore / Elite books you have read- Well now the in-game codex has been released, I tend to listen to all subjects in the codex. The dark wheel and raxxla have peaked my attention and the need to investigate, until my desire to know has been sated. I have also read reclamation, about to start premonition, but waiting in-baited breath for the audio book, I feel more engaged when I can hear the story.
    How long have you been playing Elite Dangerous- Since the beginning, and until the end.
    What is Your Discord User Name- Dragon Darko
    Long term goals in ED- To find the "real" dark wheel, not the phony one currently at shinarta. Hopefully if a find the dark wheel I find Raxxla, the ultimate explorers dream.

    Any other allegiance we have to know about - Currently aligned with canonn, I guess my curiosity to know as much as the galaxy can offer is a suitable start for now. I have no interest in joining any current powers in-game, until one appears that has the interest of the galaxy and all new species 1st, and not the self centered corrupted needs it currently has, trust NO-ONE. I have no loyalty to the Empire, federation or alliance, until they are purged of all corruption.

    Current ship fleet- phantom(main ship, the darkstar) Cutter, transport ship of items that need heavy security. Clipper mining ship, krait mk 2, thargoid observer. type 9 hauler. Finally an imperial eagle, that I won in a card game from a personal friend of Zemina Torval herself.

    Basic round-up, im a space exploring vagabond, looking to discover and unravel the mystery's of the deep black. I take no allegiance to the corrupt, and believe we are truly free to our own imaginations.

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    Appreciate you having another crack at the whip Commander Darko, unfortunately due to conflicting interests we are still unable to offer you a position in our Cadet programme

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