The Lightning Strike Expedition

A Children of Raxxla Chronicle by Yanick

Mission planning and objectives by Yanick


There have long been rumours of an alien civilisation in this, the Colonia region of space. The failure of Jaques Station to arrive at its original destination (Beagle Point) has raised some intriguing questions. Many explorers, and scientists have long hypothesised that Jaques was drawn off course, by Witch Space Disruptor Technology. A form of tech that is beyond the present understanding of human science. Understanding of this may be critical for the future of humanity. Our survival may very well depend on it.

Primary Objectives

The Children of Raxxla and the Colonia Citizens Network, have joined forces to investigate leads in the space surrounding Colonia. The mission is to find the origins of this alien technology, and end the mystery once and for all. CoR commanders, in tandem with our allies at CCN, and independent pilots, will set forth to solve this puzzle. These endeavours are now known, as the 'Lightning Strike Expedition'.

The main sites for investigation have been selected by our scientists, to maximise the chances of discovering the alien technology, or indeed alien life. These will become the weekly meet up points. Between these locations, will be sites that Intelligence suggests are likely places for the alien tech to be found.

Secondary Objectives

To explore the Near-Colonia Region, to expand our knowledge of this part of the galaxy.
Also to aid the Galactic Mapping Project (GMP) in its work, making a fully comprehensive storehouse of data, and information on our galaxy.
Finally, to strengthen ties between Children of Raxxla and the Colonia Region.

Expedition Flight plan

Launch Point

Date: 21/10/3304 Time: 1900 (Universal Time)Damask Rose MegashipCentralis SystemColonia Nebula

Waypoint 1

Date: 21/10/3304Time: 1900 (Universal Time)Land of Giant CrystalsEol Prou KW-L c8-32Body: 4 ACoordinates: +36.96, +171.00

Intelligence Waypoint 1 Alpha


Intelligence Waypoint 1 Beta


Waypoint 2

Date: 28/11/3304Time: 1900 (Universal Time)Pink ElephantsScreake SJ-Y d1-265Body: 1ACoordinates: 14.0976 / 46.2400Intelligence Waypoint 2 AlphaEOCH PRUAE TJ-H C26-362

Waypoint 3

Date: 4/11/3304Time: 1900 (Universal Time)Blue Whale Geysers Kyloall IA-Z d318, Body:2 E ACoordinates:+45.92, +46.94

Expedition Debrief

Mission schedule:
st October 3304 to 4th November 3304

Mission parameters:
Voluntary, alien investigation, exploration

45 pilots from CoR, CCN, and Independent CMDR's

Expedition Staff:
Yanick [CoR Strategist & CNN Exploration Leader] – Expedition Leader, Planner, organiser

XfightingFalconX [CCN Exploration Wing] – Deputy Expedition Leader, organiser

Emil [CoR & CNN Exploration Wing] - Deputy Expedition Leader, organiserAndrew Gaspurr [CoR Consul] – Organiser, Office of the ConsulSaul 064 – [CoR] – Organiser



Ultimately we didn't find the alien Witch Space Disruptor Technology. Hopes of finding maybe alien life, or remains of alien tech, also came to nothing. The main scientific achievements were in scanning, and observing volcanic activity on planetary surfaces. And in the exploration of several new astronomically impressive, and beautiful star systems.

Meet ups

The weekly meetings at waypoint base camps, were well attended and enjoyed by commanders. Activities like SRV racing, fighter racing, and SRV Geyser flying are always popular. And this proved to be the case every week. The only concern anyone ever has, is running out of SRVs after destroying too many during such fun! Thankfully Colonia was only a short flight away to restock, and repair if need be.


An important achievement of the expedition, was the strengthening of the alliance between Children of Raxxla, and the Colonia Citizens Network. Two organisations that are committed to exploration, and peaceful discovery in the wider galaxy. Commanders of the two organisations, along with a good number of independent pilots, worked together successfully as a unit. A lot of planetary bodies, and sites were scanned and explored. Adding to the knowledge of both groups, and to the GMP with the wider exploration community. The expedition has attracted positive attention among explorers, and with the galaxy's media. Including a mention by the respected news service, Sagittarius Eye.Most importantly of all, we had great fun! The meeting of new friends, and old comrades will long be remembered. It is especially timely, in not just forging greater links for CoR with the Colonia Region. But as an expedition to help build up to Distant Worlds 2.

Primary Mission: Failure
Secondary Mission: Success