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Thread: New Application

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    New Application

    CoR Council,

    My name is DBE co99fe, my friends call me "coffee". I am very interested in joining the CoR and becoming a part of something in Elite. I have been flying for years and am well versed in most aspects of the game. I participated in the Salomé event in support of Yuri as part of Spectre Squadron on Xbox. I have spent about the last two years as an independent pilot who spends most of his time doing random things just to pass time. As of late I've been focusing a lot on exploration and my duties as a fuel rat, but I still crave something more satisfying. I hope to hear back soon, thank you for your time.

    CMDR name: DBE co99fe
    Gaming Platform: XBOX
    In-game ranks: Triple Elite
    Frontier Forum user name: N/A
    Age: 36
    Prefered method of play: A little bit of everything
    Time played: Approx. 4 years, (19 weeks in game)
    Discord User Name: DBE co99fe[XB]
    Long term goals in ED: Be part of something substantial
    Twitter, Inara and Reddit profiles: N/A
    Any other allegiance: Fuel Rats

    -CMDR DBE co99fe
    (Xbox One)
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    Greetings CMDR DBE co99fe,

    Thank you for taking the time for submitting an application to The Children of Raxxla, unfortunately we are unable to offer you a position in our Cadet Ranks at this time.

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