On Oct 30th 3302 CoR launch a military operation against the INV Imperial Freedom, a Majestic Class Interdictor, and the flagship of Admiral Patreus. The mission objective was to cause confusion aboard the vessel while undercover operatives aboard it attempted to release Salomé from the brig and usher her to an escape pod.

CoR disabled the Interdictor, and after the ejection of numerous escape pods was reported, they allowed it to leave.

Battle Report

Priority Communique...

Date : October 30th 3302
Time : 20:30 IGT

Today a CoR fleet intercepted the INV Imperial Freedom, a Majestic Class Interdictor in the Eotienses star system.

Acting on intelligence gained from an insider aboard this capital ship, it is believed that Kahina Tijani Loren (Salomé) was being held aboard this vessel in preparation to be transported to the penal colony at Daibo, a mere 6 jumps from Eotienses.

A sympathizer to Salome's plight aboard the vessel, working in tandem with CoR intel, informed CoR Consul that Salomé had been successfully released from the ships' brig during the confusion and was last seen heading to an escape pod.

The CoR fleet pressed the attack - concentrating fire on the FSD initially, before switching attention to the Interdictors Heatsink Array.

At 21:12 IGT, seconds prior to the Interdictor fleeing the battle, it was reported that numerous escape pods had ejected from the starboard side of the vessel and were last seen falling toward the surface of Eotienses B 2.

With the Interdictor removed from the system, the remaining CoR fleet secured the area, and several scout ships began a surface recon of Eotienses B 2.

Message Ends.

Statement of justification...

The Children of Raxxla feel that they have been backed in to a corner.

The diplomatic approach for Cemiess authorities to launch a fair and thorough investigation into the arrest of Salomé was met with silence. Over the course of 3 weeks following Salomé's detention, CoR continued to put pressure on the local authorities via manipulation of the systems economy. Again CoR were ignored. We now believe the Cemiess authorities were not complicit in this - we believe they were pressured by outside agencies to do nothing, when it was their sovereign right and duty to hold an investigation into this incident that occurred on their watch. They are guilty of cowardice, nothing more.

CoR presented numerous GalNet articles to the mainstream media, some of which we feel could have strengthened Salomé's case for a fair and open trial... those articles were suppressed. Then, after almost two months of build up, the trial is suddenly announced out of the blue, and is over within 48 hours with a guilty verdict! This was a sham from start to finish.

We then finally get to hear part of the so called 'evidence' when the whole thing is over - a leaked video recording of Salomé meeting two men where it is assumed an assassination plot against Admiral Patreus was hatched. CoR know exactly who the two men were, and have unequivocal proof that neither were in Cemiess during the assassination attempt on Patreus, nor had anything to do with it. If this "evidence" was used to help convict Salomé then it is flawed evidence that would have been thrown out had Salomé had proper legal representation during the trial, and parties with a vested interest had been given a chance to produce information that would help defend her case.

Given the diabolical way this whole affair has unfolded, it is plain to see with the virtue of hindsight that Salomé was tried and convicted the moment her ship was illegally boarded.

Dark forces are pulling the strings here and want Salomé silenced. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine. In this case these dark influences made sure the wheel of justice never turned at all.

CoR did not take the action in Eotienses lightly. But an opportunity to save Salomé from a de facto death sentence, the horrific and notorious Koontz Asylum, presented itself to us - and CoR took it. The faction holds no ill-will against Patreus or Princess Duval. Their ship was allowed to leave the scene. We feel they are as much victims in this as anyone. They were played like puppets on a string. The real guilty parties continue to lurk in the background, but the time is coming when there will be no more shadows for them to hide in.

- The Children of Raxxla, 30th October 3302.

Update : November 3302

Despite her efforts, it has been acknowledged that Salomé failed to escape before the Interdictor fled the battle.

GalNet propaganda reported later that Salomé's prison transfer convoy was intercepted by an unknown entity, and obliterated, leaving no trace of survivors.

CoR issued a statement of their own regarding this turn of events : CoR Response.