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    CoR application: CMDR iPatrick

    Hello, my name is CMDR iPatrick (PC). Since I was born I was always amazed by the secrets of space. As a child I was once taken to a short tour in Hajangai, the system I was born. That was the point I realized how small I am in this endless field of wonders. My father told stories about the mysteries of the universe. I have decided to be a pilot when I grow up and be the biggest explorer in the universe. Now I am ready. Ready to make my dreams come true because I never forget who I was, who I am and who I might become. I remember.

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    Greetings CMDR iPatrick,

    Thank you for taking the time for submitting an application to The Children of Raxxla, unfortunately we are unable to offer you a position in our Cadet Ranks at this time.

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