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Logo by Qohen Leth (original concept by Hi-Ban) with assets borrowed from Frontier Developments PLC

It’s a huge galaxy...

"Anyone who went on Distant Worlds 3302 knows this well. Crossing it is one of the most arduous journeys many of us have ever taken - that humanity has ever taken. When we did it the first time, everything was all new, we were young and inexperienced, but we found our way, and made it to the otherside without getting lost. We found something new on our journey, a new way to look at the galaxy, a new way to cross it, to travel as a team, to take working together to a whole new level. To continue in this Distant Worlds tradition, we need to find something new this time too.

Things are about to change forever. With the advent of new scanning and mining technologies, along with the most comprehensive database of knowledge the explorers of the centuries have gathered being released to the public, the sun is rising on a whole new Age of Discovery. The Codex talks of profound mysteries; unfound, unseen, unknown. The call of the black is on us, and it’s time for us to blaze a new trail once again in the largest expedition ever organised. Join us as we journey through the heart of the Milky Way, to the other side, old grounds, through the furthest reaches of exploration and science, to discover these mysteries beyond the distance. To work as a team, to share the excitement, to create memories of a kind we can’t yet fathom.

Along the way we have a very important, landmark mission to accomplish; an initiative to build a science station in the galactic core region, which will not only study the lone supermassive black hole within our reach, but also act as a relay station for the dawning Age of Discovery. There’s so much to discover, to learn, and to enjoy. We need you to come along, and help us uncover everything those distant worlds can reveal.

It’s a huge galaxy, after all."
-Dr. Kaii

Introduction & Expedition Start Date:

Distant Worlds 2 is an expedition journey to the far outer rim and back, with the outbound journey culminating at Beagle Point around 20 weeks after departure. Its mission statement is to take thousands of CMDRs on a journey of discovery, to see what mysteries the galaxy contains, finally unlocked for all with the new scanners and Codex to guide us.

We also plan to organize the return trip, and this will be a more indirect route home, taking participants through some seldom-traveled regions in an attempt to survey large areas of the 4th Galactic Quadrant (the 'Eastern' regions of the ED galactic map) for the in-game Codex and Galactic Mapping Project. The overall journey (there and back) will cover at least 200,000 light years. The exact overall timeframe for the return journey has yet to be be determined.

For those new to mass expedition events, the basic premise is that fleet members will travel the route at their own pace, either alone, with friends, or in wings, and will regroup at designated waypoints along the journey. These waypoint gatherings will begin on a Friday (times to be announced) and end on a Sunday (times to be announced). Waypoints for the outbound journey will be on average 4,500 LYs apart so players signing up to DW2 need to be aware of this if they have limited gametime per week to commit. Over a 'Waypoint Weekend' there will be all sorts of events and projects to take part in. Participation in events and projects is 100% voluntary. What is new to all players in this mass expedition is the focus on Discovery - the journey to each waypoint will be its own mini expedition, with the goal being for people to see if they can uncover any of the anomalies and mysteries of the galaxy, and submit them for the sake of the whole expedition. We will then organise meetups to view and study the findings along the way!

The expedition will launch from the Distant Worlds 3302 Tourist Beacon in Pallaeni (Waypoint 1) in mid-January 3305 (exact date to be announced).


Distant Worlds 2 will be the first major expedition to utilize Squadrons. Dr. Kaii will lead the FleetComm Squadron. This is the official Squadron for the expedition; however, joining it is not mandatory. Players who are part of their own Squadrons will not be excluded from any aspect of DW2.

More information on Squadron gameplay and potential squad-based events will be posted here in due course.

DW2 on the Console:

The Consoles Team aim to ensure suitable console representation for the duration of DW2. The original Distant Worlds Expedition departed too early for many XBOX commanders and PS4 involvement was only a pipe-dream, so this is the first opportunity for the majority of these commanders to take part in a truly Galactic Exploration Event.

We shall guide console commanders to the appropriate roles, and deal with console-specific issues as they arise. We shall lend support to each role's leaders as requested, whilst facilitating console involvement within those roles. We shall be the representatives of the organisers, and be expected to perform a myriad of support duties specific to console involvement.

The Consoles Team will be lead by: JT442
PS4 lead: Allcrowsareblack
Xbox lead: Xta80

Console player groups and squadrons will be announced here shortly; please bookmark this thread.

Social Media:

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There is also an option of submitting an email address, if you prefer to receive notifications by email. It will not be used for anything except sending a weekly email with the newsletter and summary of the week, with notifications about impromptu meetups at any awesome discoveries that have been made.

To join the mailing list, click here : Link

Project Synopsis:

The expedition will encompass a myriad of gameplay activities, with many of these coming from a variety of role-based projects. Choosing one role over another does not prevent you from taking part in any event or project during DW2 as many of the projects will overlap in certain aspects, and are written in a way that facilitates cooperation.

These projects fall under the following categories;

  • Discovery & Exploration - the heart of the expedition
  • Industry - the construction of a science station in the galactic core region
  • Mining - spearheading Deep Space Mining through the procurement of metals and minerals
  • Science - studying the galaxy and its mysteries
  • Tourism - share the experience, offering a seat in your cockpits to pilots in the Bubble
  • Cartography - the ongoing project to map the galaxy
  • Logistics - offering a mixture of roleplay and practical gameplay
  • Roleplay & Events - a chance to take part in an evolving story as well as blow off steam with some basecamp shenanigans

"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." ― T.S. Eliot

  • Distant Worlds 2 will pioneer the new mechanics of discovery via the new scanner mechanics and the codex.
  • The theme of the expedition, and goal of the role of the Exploration role, is to discover as much as we can while journeying to Beagle Point, and this will require exploring the space in between.
  • Explorers will be contributing to the expedition in many ways, from finding the mysteries of the galaxy for thousands of CMDRs to see, gather at, and study, to increasing the knowledge of humanity via the Codex, as follows:

  • The Codex has ‘Rumoured’, ‘Reported’ and ‘Discovered’ states;
  • Rumoured - If an item is listed as rumoured that means there is a possibility of finding it within that region.
  • Reported - When a Commander finds the rumoured item in question and scans it, it then shows up as ‘reported’ in the Codex, and update everyone’s Codex along with their name.
  • If you then find it, and scan it, that will then become ‘Discovered’ in your Codex.

  • The Codex has been filled with ‘rumoured’ discoveries in each region to give you an initial breadcrumb trail to follow.
  • Explorers will also be able to specialise, and receive missions and goals from many other departments such as the Science and Geology departments
  • Starting out from each basecamp launch event, A Journey of Discovery will be led by the Exploration Team as the fleet traverses the route to the next waypoint gathering.
  • The Exploration Team’s goals are to:
    • Help the exploration and discoveries flourish with structure
    • Provide ways of submitting discoveries and publicising them along with the discoverer
    • Organise events, such as creating missions to look for certain things or in certain locations
    • Help everyone with everything exploration related - you name it
    • Connect the findings and discoveries to all other roles and departments in the fleet.

  • Discussion and Coordination : FleetComm Discord [role channel opening soon]

"Sagittarius A* at the heart of the Milky Way is the only supermassive black hole the human race has access to. Situated approximately 23,000 light years away, these days it is well within commute range of the scientific community. Close up scientific study of the supermassive black hole is an opportunity that humanity is about to embrace.

The deployment of a science station in a system close to Sagittarius-A* will be an endeavor that the Distant Worlds fleet is proud to be at the forefront of. A new Age of Discovery out in the depths is about to begin, and this is your chance to be a part of this historical chapter of human endeavor and tenacity at pushing back the boundaries. The station will further science and act as a relay station for the discoveries dawning with the Age of Discovery."

The industrial aspect to Distant Worlds 2 will call upon the galactic community to help gather the materials to be used in the construction of the science station in the galactic core region.

The exact details of this initiative will be released as the expedition launch date approaches.

  • Upon completion of the station, the DW2 fleet will depart the galactic core waypoint and continue its journey along the expeditionary route.
  • Discussion and Coordination : FleetComm Discord [role channel opening soon]
  • Full details can be viewed here : [link to be posted soon]

“Wherever he saw a hole he always wanted to know the depth of it. To him this was important.” ― Jules Verne, Journey to the Center of the Earth

The Mining Department expects to spearhead Deep Space Mining through the procurement of metals and minerals, attainable only through the mining and refining of asteroids, throughout DW2.

Mining Ops will begin with immediate effect. The department will be responsible for the organising and distributing of assets to maximise efficiency in an effort to provide the best possible foundation for a successful expedition launch. This will entail:

  • Encouragement and organisation of wing mining
  • Providing help and direction through our own knowledge and experience
  • Utilise resources for obtaining accurate Pristine locations and Resource Extraction Sites etc.

Further into the expedition, equipment and all, the Mining Dept. will be hoping to work heavily on the system data collected by the Exploration and Science Teams as well as their own discoveries. The Mining Dept. will use this opportunity to display an abundance of grit and determination, setting a high bar in service and encumbered exploration. This data will be crucial to the organisation and scheduling of any potential mining opportunities at WP pauses. Mining Ops would require:

  • Any systems discovered that include Rocky/Icy/Metal Rich/Metallic Asteroid Belts
  • Any systems that include Icy/Metallic Belt Clusters

During any procurement periods, the Mining Dept. would like to offer its services in the ability to aid both Fleet Mechanics and Cmdrs with the acquisition of basic synthesis materials which can be used to replenish:

  • Limpets
  • SRV; Refuel, Repair, Rearm
  • AFM Refill

Finally, the Mining Dept. in addition to their prospecting arsenal, will be using this opportunity to figurehead the new mining technology by incorporating the latest releases in mining ingenuity to their vessel. The Mining Operations will lead the way for all to see in flying the flag for Deep Space Mining during the Distant Worlds 2 Expedition.

"No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess." ― Isaac Newton

  • Dedicated to understanding and expanding public knowledge, the scientists are primarily data gatherers and analysts.
  • They are also at the forefront of exploration, always keeping tabs on the new discoveries and odd sightings from fellow commanders, and helping them by performing research as needed, or putting their skills at disposal of other departments.
  • Data will be presented in a series of Scientific Papers that will be published in the DW2 Newsletter, with a final .pdf booklet created and made available for download at journey’s end containing a wealth of stats and data on what the DW2 fleet discovered.
  • This project will be headed up by EfilOne.
  • Discussion and Coordination : FleetComm Discord [role channel opening soon]
  • Project Details : [link to be posted soon]

  • Joining the Trans-Galactic Metallicity Survey provides an opportunity for participants to perform real science during the expedition, advancing our understanding of how the Stellar Forge works and how the map of the galaxy it produces matches or differs from real world observation.
  • The method of data collection has been tweaked to eliminate needless procedure and minimize the amount of manual record keeping required.
  • This project will be headed up by Satsuma.
  • Discussion and Coordination : FleetComm Discord [role channel opening soon]
  • Project Details : [link to be posted soon]

  • The Geology department is devoted to the study of all unique features that can be found on the surface of airless worlds.
  • Working hand-in-hand with the Explorers, we seek out volcanic activity, organic life forms, unusual terrain formations, and other mysterious things for further investigation.
  • By signing up as a Geologist, you will be helping to locate and survey sites of interest on planet surfaces (Horizons required). Duties include gathering scan data, images, and notes about geological features and organic life forms, for input into a catalog of DW2 discoveries.
  • Working with the Resource Acquisition Team and Scientists, our data will be analyzed for the purposes of material gathering and enhancing the scientific understanding of our galaxy. Scenic views will be featured in DW2 publications, and events and games will be planned at some of the most unique locations found.
  • This project will be headed up by MadRaptor.
  • Discussion and Coordination : FleetComm Discord [role channel opening soon]
  • Project Details : Link

  • This will be in association with Sapyx’s project to locate and catalogue Gas Giants that display glowing or fluorescent atmospheres.
  • These worlds are particularly rare and will offer exploration wings within the fleet an opportunity to set up field trips to seek out these mysterious worlds for the GGG Project.
  • Discussion and Coordination : FleetComm Discord [role channel opening soon]
  • Project Details : Link

“Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space” - Douglas Adams

  • On Distant Worlds 2 we’re yet again pushing the boundaries of human expansion, and diving even further into unexplored space – but this time everyone can be a part of this push.
  • To make this historic event as attainable as possible to as many people as possible, we at the Galactic Travel Agency have committed to opening our ships to all who wishes to come aboard. Our goal is simple and precise; to democratize exploration!
  • Sign up to become a Galactic Travel Agent, providing a service to the CMDRs in the Bubble for whom the act of spending months out in the black, away from responsibilities, family, friends and civilization is simply too big a sacrifice to make.
  • This project will be headed up by Kolato.
  • Discussion and Coordination : FleetComm Discord [role channel opening soon]
  • Project Details : Link

“Maps codify the miracle of existence.” ― Nicholas Crane

  • This will be held in conjunction with the Galactic Mapping Project.
  • The Boreas Expanse is a region beyond the Perseus Stem; vast, but of which little is known in terms of community-submitted points of interest.
  • The GMP would like to add more POIs to the community maps for this region, and as such the DW2 fleet will pass through its heart en-route to the Abyss.
  • This is an opportunity for explorers to seek out interesting places and submit them to the mapping project as candidate POI locations.
  • This project will be headed up by The Galactic Mapping Team.
  • Discussion and Coordination : FleetComm Discord [role channel opening soon]
  • Project Details : [link to be posted soon]

  • Scheduled for the journey home - Details to follow.
  • Discussion and Coordination : FleetComm Discord [role channel opening soon]
  • Project Details : [link to be posted soon]

  • An imgur album and dedicated thread will be set up for participants to submit their screenshots to.
  • During the expedition, the best of these screenshot submissions will be highlighted in the weekly DW2 newsletter, with the astrophotographers that took them winning a prize.
  • This project will be administered by Qohen Leth.
  • Photo Sharing : FleetComm Discord [role channel opening soon]
  • Project Details : [link to be posted soon]

“The line between disorder and order lies in logistics.” – Sun Tzu

  • Fleet Logistics is a semi-roleplayed / semi-practical project.
  • There are two aspects to this idea. Supply and Trade. Supply will carry food equivalent to the amount required to support a fleet of this size as it journeys into the black. Traders will carry various rare commodities for use in celebrations, or to trade with non-human settlements we may encounter.
  • This project will be organized by Olivia Vespera and the Fleet Logistics Team.
  • Discussion and Coordination : FleetComm Discord [role channel opening soon]
  • Project Details : Link

  • Introducing an all new role for DW2: Discovery - the Fleet Mechanic Arm will be on hand to repair ships after mishaps.
  • The original expedition in 3302 saw pilots taking damage from collisions, asteroid impacts, landing damage and an abundance of enthusiasm with high-gravity planets. And now the risks are even greater with explosive mining, a larger fleet, and more.
  • Before, pilots with hull and canopy damage were doomed to spend the rest of the expedition flying cautiously; this time around, the Fleet Mechanic Arm will be there as the pilots to hold the fleet together.
  • Find us amongst the fleet, at basecamps, or if things are desperate, via our emergency channel.
  • Organised Fleet Mechanic assignments will be coordinated by Alex Brentnall.
  • Discussion and Coordination : FleetComm Discord [role channel opening soon]
  • Project Details : Link

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." – James Howell's proverbs

  • DW2 ED:RPG is a role playing game based in the Elite Dangerous universe. Join us as the players work on the Puzzle of the Crystalline Keys and make a shocking discovery during the expeditions journey across the galaxy. (Emma Storm story arc - Outbound).
  • This project will be headed up by Wishblend.
  • Discussion and Coordination : FleetComm Discord [role channel opening soon]
  • Project Details : Link

Basecamp Events (subject to changes)

  • SRV Tag Extreme
  • Whack-a-Rat
  • SRV Canyon Races
  • Fighter Races
  • Sanctioned Fighter Dog-Fighting Events
  • SRV Mountain Climbing
  • SRV Destruction Derby (reserved for journey's end)
  • Skeet Shooting
  • Sanctioned Basecamp Air Shows
  • Buckyball Races (between designated galactic POIs)
  • Much more!

Banners by Qohen Leth

The Rock Rats:

The original Distant Worlds Expedition was the birthplace of the Rock Rats, creating the jumponium highway at a time when ships could not easily cross The Abyss. We are proud to have them joining us once again, acting as the glue, in fact the silver thread running through the whole expedition.

Their role has evolved since DW1 and now they stand for a social, dynamic, helpful and coordinating group of veteran explorers. In their own words: “Our role in Distant Worlds 2 is to assist foremost the departments of exploration, mining, geology and science. But also in general to bring the expedition’s expertise together, see opportunities and connect. We fly or drive by your side and hopefully inspiring things will come of it”. It is an esteemed honour to have them joining us, and the majority of what’s going to be awesome about the expedition will be thanks to them!

"Tracing one warm line through a space so wide and savage..." - Stan Rogers (Northwest Passage)

Expedition Ethos:

The expedition is going to be composed of several thousand commanders, and therefore several thousand playstyles. Our goal as organisers is to accommodate as many playstyles as possible. The general ethos will be one of freedom and diversity. You will be able to take part to whatever extent you like, and we hope there will be plenty of activities and goals on offer for you to take your pick. There will be events, meetups, competitions, missions, games, and much more, all within the framework of the journey, and with the overarching theme of discovery. In order to keep the fleet as a fleet, and the expedition as an expedition, efforts will be made to keep things structured. Waypoints will be revealed only when it is time to head toward them, and CMDRs who rush on ahead will be removing themselves from the fleet, and therefore this is discouraged. There will be plenty to do and see between waypoints we hope!

Expeditions within an Expedition:

On DW2, each waypoint to waypoint stage of the journey will in effect be an expedition within the whole. Even though the average distance between waypoints will be around 4,500 LYs, the new content update and discovery mechanics will encourage us to rethink the way in which we explore. There is so much more to do, so much more to discover, and so much more to think about during any WP to WP journey.

Therefore we want players to think about their actual weekly journey during each stage, and not so much the weekly destinations.

DW2 will be one of the first major expeditions that incorporates the new exploration mechanics, utilizes the Codex, and experiments with new techniques in discovering any new content that's out there.

We estimate a requirement of around just 90 minutes travel time spread over 5 days for a 45 LY ranged ship (the current fleet average) between waypoints. So we hope that revealing the route in stages will also help encourage the early emphasis of the DW2 expedition to lean toward a more thorough and slower-paced attitude to exploration and discovery during our journey into the new unknown!

The 'Outbound' Route Schedule:

Date Weekly
System Planet Basecamp Coords
Radius Surface
Approx. Dist.
to Next WP
TBA Stage 01 Pallaeni Distant Worlds Tourist Beacon N/A N/A N/A N/A
TBA Stage 02
TBA Stage 03
TBA Stage 04
TBA Stage 05
TBA Stage 06
TBA Stage 07
TBA Stage 08
TBA Stage 09
TBA Stage 10
TBA Stage 11
TBA Stage 12
TBA Stage 13
TBA Stage 14
TBA Stage 16
TBA Stage 17

Locating Basecamps using E.D.I.S.O.N.:

If you have trouble locating surface coordinates there are a couple of ways to locate them easily. The first method is ask in local chat for a wing beacon from someone who is already landed at a basecamp.

Alternatively use E.D.I.S.O.N. This a fantastic 3rd party program that allows commanders to easily locate surface coordinates. It is very easy to use, simply copy the basecamp coordinates and planetary radius from the table above, and paste them into the relevant boxes on the E.D.I.S.O.N. UI. Approach the planet and click on the 'Start Navigation' button. Follow his flight instructions and he will guide you to where the basecamp coords are. I'm unsure as to whether this works in VR or not.

E.D.I.S.O.N. was created by CMDR Maxine Slayton.

All enquiries about this utility should be made via the official E.D.I.S.O.N. thread : Link

Stage 1 Route Map, Waypoints, and Itinerary:

Will be posted here shortly before the expedition launch day.