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    Returning player

    Your CMDR name: Riceak

    Gaming Platform Pc

    Your in-game ranks combat:expert Trade:Elite Explorer: Pioneer

    Your Frontier Forum user name:Riceak

    Are you 18yrs or older: Yes

    Prefered method of play: I play all forms of this game. Been into exploring and mining

    What do you know about Elite Lore / Elite books you have read: I know some still learning the lore.

    How long have you been playing Elite Dangerous:a little after launch

    What is Your Discord User Name:Riceak

    Long term goals in ED: To enjoy this game and help people where needed.


    Reddit profiles. I dont use reddit much.

    Any other allegiance we have to know about: I am in fleetcomm. I am still in The code however I don't play elite with them I play DnD and will be joining star citizen if it ever comes out.

    I know that this group thinks I had something to do with the a certain situation or played a part in that situation. I had no role in that situation I would love to sit down with the leadership and explain so you can hear the true version of that. I had left this group when I was a member due to a conflict of interest that conflict will no longer be an issue. I am really into solving the mysteries of elite dangerous and learning the lore. I have played all aspect of this game and feel that I can bring good amount of knowledge and experience to the group.

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    CMDR Riceak,

    Despite the turbulent history that has passed between our two factions and with the risk of opening old wounds I promised you the same opportunity open to every CMDR, a fair and non-bias review of your application.

    The questions we ask as part of the application are the minimum guidelines for individuals to build upon and expand into inspiring applications, something a little different and outside the box.

    Taking the above and other variables into account your application has been rejected, this decision is final and will not be open for further discussion.

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