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Thread: New Application

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    New Application

    CMDR Name: Naukogriz
    Real Life Age: 21
    Frontier Forum Username: naukogriz
    Discord: naukogriz#7452

    In-Game Ranks:
    Expert (Combat) / Broker (Trade) / Elite (Exploration)

    Ships You Own In-Game:
    Anaconda "Admiral M.P.Lasarev" - explorer ship 72ly jump, Krait Mk II "Jason Bourne" - under comstruction, Hauler "Buran" - news ship (for screenshots)

    What Do You Know About Elite Lore / Elite Books You Have Read:
    Started reading Premonition, have more information while working in both EX-department and News Department.

    Any Other Allegiance We Have To Know About:
    Close Encounters Corps explorer, newswriter, have ambassador functions for working with other explorer's factions.

    A Statement About Your Characters Bio And Your Motivation to Join In No Less Than 100 Words:

    Started working for CEC more than a 1.5 year ago, first as newswriter, than as an explorer. First success was in May 3303, with publishing Roen Soul history about Thargoids harvesting the barnackes, Black Hole Prsion and Takurua Anomaly. Then I've visited all those Rift things, Zurara and so on. My career went above, along with mountains of information, spoilers, clues and such things, that our EX-department had to work with. Guardians, Interceptors, Sites, INRA - we were the second to find that. But also we got something we were first at - 9823, defending the systems, and now we are managing to be the first to get new Alliance Tech.

    But, of course, we're facing some problems. Not enough experience we have, not everything we know. So we decided to get a contact with you, so that we can together solve our and your problems. We're always ready for help.

    Thank you very much. Fly safe and see you at Raxxla!

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    Welcome Ambassador Naukogriz

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