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    Lightbulb New Applicant: CMDR Volwrath

    CMDR volwrath




    21 Year old

    prefer exploration and "ethical" PvE combat

    Lore: Misc lore but extensive Lore coverage from everything from Warp types through the ages to history of the first thargoid war. read some of the book content by reference.

    playing since Horizons dropped

    Discord: CMDR Volwrath

    Long term goals: ensure the security of humanity "protect the innocent", discover all that our or "other" galaxy's have to offer


    PG: Hunters of the void

    motivation to join: my group the hunters of the void have been conducting exploration and survey operations and would like to join the search for raxxla. we are interested in exploring the galaxy to unlock all the mystery's it may hold. we make regular trips to different points of interest looking for planets that fit raxxlas description as well as looking for anything else of interest. one of our members have recently "3 days ago" visited and scouted salomes reach near begal point.

    we figure the more people looking the better the chance of finding something...a lot of "ground" to cover out there

    even if my application dose not meet your requirements i would like to also pursue the possibility of creating a channel of communication between COR and Hunters of the void for the purposes of the search
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    CMDR Volwrath

    Thank you for taking the time to submit an application, unfortunately we are unable to offer you a position within in the group at this time.

    The Children of Raxxla's Ambassador programme is under review at present, if we feel this will be mutually beneficial for both groups we will be in contact.

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