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    New Applicant: CMDR xNicoyAx

    CMDR Name: xNicoyAx
    Real Life Age: 29
    Frontier Forum Username: N/A

    Your In-Game Ranks:
    Master (Combat) / Elite (Trade) / Pioneer (Exploration)

    Ships You Own In-Game:
    DBX (RIMOR - Explorer Ship) / Corvette (ZEUS - Combat Ship) / Python (OMNIA - Multipurpose Ship)

    What Do You Know About Elite Lore / Elite Books You Have Read:
    No books; just pieces of lore in the Wiki, Cannon, etc, pages that I've come across. I enjoy reading about this game and came across the Raxxla mystery. Not a whole lot of info, compared to other pieces of lore in the game, that I came across. Currently waiting for my local book store to open, so I can purchase my first Elite series book

    Any Other Allegiance We Have To Know About:
    I am on the Simbad Regime Discord. Great group of folks who really helped me out when I first got the game and was very lost (And ready to give up; to be honest) on understanding the game, the grind, etc.

    A Statement About Your Characters Bio And Your Motivation to Join In No Less Than 100 Words:
    I go by Nico, for short. When I was little, I loved going on the balcony and just looking at the sky at night. Something about the darkness really intrigued me. I hadn't come across any video game similar to Elite before (Never even knew of it) until my wife picked up a copy of it out of the blue and surprised me. I felt like a little kid again...

    Exploration and BGS would be my intentions. I am fascinated by how BGS works, as far as controlling and expanding systems. It has become a ritual to check the tick around 10AM (EST) when systems update. On the Simbad discord, there are a handful of player factions on there, so plenty of areas to get my daily BGS fix. I recall when they were struggling for control in the Colonia region (Far Tauri), and I just so happen to be coming back from a two month exploration to Sag. A and other areas, and my data saved the day. That was my introduction to BGS. Not gonna lie, that was a badass feeling!

    Exploration: Hmmm, probably my favorite of the two. I've made multiple trips to Colonia, Sag. A, or just randomly picking a spot on the map and just going. I remember the excitement when I discovered my 1st planet and saw the notice when I turned in my data. I think I woke up the neighbors, lol. The Galactic Map on EDSM is my homepage. I can't get enough of that site. Now that I also installed the USS plug-in on EDMC, I've found even more of a reason to just plot a course to a random area. I find myself often posting in the "Exploration" section of the discord for sights to see. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent in taking screenshots, visiting non-human bases, or just listening to the sounds that this game offers. Plain and simple, I love to venture off and see new things...

    My latest adventure to The Zurara is what led me to the mystery of Raxxla, which in turn led me to here. I wanna be able to put my stamp in, probably, the greatest unsolved mystery of this game. There isn't much information I've come across about Raxxla, compared to other lore. The little there is, leads to dead ends, or fake post of players claiming they've found it. I know there is more to it. I figure, what better way to discover the truth, than from the source itself. I know the dedication of your player faction, and I really feel I can offer assistance in achieving that goal. Whether you're in BGS need, or have an area that may hold knowledge that needs exploring, I'd like to offer aid.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my application. Even if I do not qualify to join your ranks, throw me a "o7" if you ever see me around your neck of the woods.

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    Greetings CMDR xNicoyAx,

    Thank you for taking the time to apply to The Children Of Raxxla, unfortunately we are unable to offer you the rank of Cadet at this time.

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