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    [Incoming encoded message; Header: {CoR Application - Serbanstein;}]

    [Partially decoded message reads:
    Greetings. Thank you for reading my application and even if I am not accepted, I hope I will be able to contribute to solving the greatest misteries of the galaxy and uncovering the hidden truths.

    CMDR Name: Serbanstein
    Real-life age: 17
    Frontier Forum Username: Serbanstein

    Your in-Game Ranks:
    -Master (Combat)
    -Elite (Trader)
    -Ranger (Exploration)
    -Helpless (CQC)

    Ships owned:
    -DBX - "Quantum Leap"; Exploration
    -Federal Corvette - "Praying Hand"; In-bubble multipurpose;
    -IEagle - Racing
    -Alliance Chieftain - Bought to record a video, but I never used it since
    -Keelback - Mining

    Lore I know:
    -The Thargoid arc, from the first contact back in the third millenia, to the reverse-engineering of the FSD, the Alliance's temporary cooperation with them, INRA, Jameson's involvement and death, to the current Thargoid events.
    -Raxxla: it's (supposedly) a planet which acts as a gateway to other galaxies, which has already been occupied and concealed by the more or less unlawful faction "The Dark Wheel"; the only clues of its existence in-game are the references in the books (which I have not read at all, apart from the quotes), the cryptic mission descriptions from the faction and some devs' and Wagar's confirmation;
    -Politics: mostly irrelevant, except for senator Loren's death, which occured at the hands of a griefer that griefed so much, he became part of the canon (wat);
    -The books: Not read, but I'll read the synopses as soon as I can, since they're likely important.

    Any other allegiance we have to know about: Close relationship with Delta Squadron; Governor of the Cakiniez system, also under Delta Squadron control;

    A statement about your characters bio and your motivation to join in no less than 100 words (you only get one chance to make an impression, so make it count)

    First off, my playstyle:
    In general, I'm laid back and relaxed about playing the game. I like its story side a lot, and even though I am usually a bit "late to the party", I enjoy it a lot. Also, I might sound too serious at times. That's partly because when I set out to a task, my mind locks on to it until I manage to pull it off. I am able to quickly gather information from each and every available source and I consider myself able to adapt quickly to most situations and learn new tricks.
    -Exploration: I like exploring, but I am usually too late when it comes to discovering lore-important stuff; I enjoy it throughly nonetheless. I strongly believe that one day, I will be able to make a discovery that will change the game for the better.
    -Trading: Only when necessary; For instance, I spent so long in Ceos-Sothis for the Fed rank, that I was considered a VIP customer at their bars, but after Rear-Admiral, I was gone;
    -Combat: Here's where it becomes gray for me. I like a just combat. I hate griefing and dirty tricks (altough I still occasionally shamelessly log out on griefers who try to gank me while CG-ing). I always welcome a spar (fight till 50% hull). Since I think more than I act, I will always try to find the peaceful solution to a conflict. I'll never shoot to kill unless someone "shoots-to-kill" first and I have NO other way out. I will also intervene and try to rescue people in danger (usually by tanking the offender's hits until the victim escapes). If there are hitman contracts, I will not accept them unless I am given a good reason for it (e.g. If I'm not told what X did/is doing/will do wrong, because malevolent reason, I will not kill X, no matter the reward).

    ...oh, yeah, almost forgot. The reason I want to join you -ou-ou uo uoou
    [Decoding message returns an error message at: out-of-bounds_exception; "Asymmetric decryption key larger than max allocated"]

    [Contact sender and request a new key]
    [Sender not found in header file; displaying raw header text:
    F̛̩̫͎̰̙͍͍̮ͥ̈ͭ̃̿͌͋̊̽̍̅́̚͜͞ͅī̧̜̞̼̮͎̜̗̗͖̠̥̺̩̒ͯ̉̒̉̈́ͤ̅ ̽̈́ͣ̚͝n̸̡̞̰̥̝̖̩͎͈̝̜̩͓̤̋ͣ͂̊͋ͥͥ̆ͥ̀̐̓̾͊͆̚͟d̨̡̹̯̯̭̟̞̠̎ ̔͆̈́̓̈̕ ̷̶̻̠̘͓̹͔̫̲͉͇ͬͨ̍́͂̎͘̕R̸̸̵̲͇̲̬̾̈́ͪ̂͟ä̵̛͂̉͊̃ͯͨͭͭ́̓̈́̄ ̏̚̚͏͇̗̯̮͎̮̥͍̗͔̤̫͕̼̖̜͙ͅͅẍ̵͓̰̟̖̦̝̮̬̩̬͉̖́ͥͯ̇̃̿͑̔͂͐͛́̕ ͠ͅͅx͋ͪ̍ͪͩ̊̉̍͑̔̍ͬ̊̋ͪ̾ͬ̊̚͏͈̜̣̱̖̲̭̥̳͎͔̜̗̲͢ͅl̷̡̼̪̼̝͛̽̌ ̍̔̂ͭ̽͑̅̅ͮ͗ͫ͛̍̚a̠͓̝̦͇͕̬̥͕̰̔̋̆̎̇͂̓̈́̔̉̒̿̄͜͞


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    [End of message]
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    CMDR Serbanstein,

    I would like to thank you for taking the time and presenting your application to join The Children Of Raxxla. Due to you openly admitting to breaking the ToS by Combat Logging I am left with little choice but to decline your application.

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