Alessia Verdi calls for CoR mobilization!

A statement from the Children of Raxxla...


Through Salomé we know that something is hidden out there that the major powers want to keep a secret. She threatened to reveal it and was shamefully captured, kept in arrest without contact to the outside, put under trial on false evidence and sentenced to life-long imprisonment. We are convinced she is innocent and that the scandalous accusations against her can be disproved. But only if we have sufficient evidence.

We urgently need data from these areas :

Link : Hawking’s Gap

Link : The Conflux

Link : The Formidine Rift

We’re looking for stellar scans, planet information and any and all anomalies detected. This is our chance to stop one of the most important cover-ups in history. We ask every freedom-loving commander to help uncover the secrets that so many explorers have tirelessly looked for over the past 18 months.

Help the truth! Help Salomé! Don't let the mystery of the Rift be uncovered by the power blocs run by 'people' who have tried desperately to keep the truth from the public for almost 2 years.

Something worse than the Thargoids resides within the Rift, and now possibly Hawking's Gap and the Conflux - humanity needs to now know... humanity needs to prepare for what's coming - we can no longer trust the so called powers who have been corrupted and become decadent.

The Children of Raxxla will be rewarding commanders directly at their home port of Serebov Terminal in HR 6421.

- Original post by CMDR Eisen

Thank you post from CMDR Erimus Kamzel, Dec 1st 3302:

"An amazing show of solidarity from the exploration community! CoR are overwhelmed by the support that has been shown to help vindicate Salomé and unravel some of the mysteries of the Formidine Rift, Conflux, and Hawking's Gap.

We would like to thank the Formidine Rifters, the Exploration Community, Lone Wolf commanders, and all the factions that rallied to the cause :

LOSP, SMAC, Paladins, Lorens Legion, ALD, Da Vinci Corp, Winged Hussars, Chapterhouse Inquisition, 9th Legion, Aislings Angels and LYR, Exo (X-Box) and TIIQ.
And of course the Brocast (Josh Hawkins, Turjan, and Shabooka) for dedicating a whole show to CoRs cause.
And last, but not least, Michael Brookes

All in all over 4,400 Commanders contributed and submitted in excess of 1.3 million scans after Alessia Verdi's call for help.

Salomé is a divisive character, and CoR are seen as a terrorist/cult/dissident faction in some peoples eyes, and this is exactly how great roleplay interaction is played out. The spirit in which this CG against the Federation was conducted has been excellent. Long may that kind of healthy interaction continue.

On behalf of CoR, thank you.

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