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    CoR Application Idonolis

    CMDR name: Idonolis

    Real-life age: 32

    Frontier Forum user name: Idonolis

    In-game ranks :
    COMBAT: Master
    TRADE: Entrepreneur
    EXPLORATION: Mostly Aimless
    CQC: Helpless

    Ships owned In-game:
    Type 9 Heavy
    Viper Mk3

    What do you know about Elite Lore / Elite books you have read:
    Pretty extensive knowledge. Mostly harmless, and here the wheel, tales from frontier, reclamation, out in the darkness. Currently reading through legacy.

    Any other allegiances: None. I had my own exploration/trading group called the viper boyz, but I tend to be a bit of a lone wolf/lurker, but I prefer to rally people together for a good cause.

    Statement about my characters bio:
    CMDR Idonolis has been trading for a while, becoming an influential voice in the trading space. While at Ticushpakhi, he received word about Raxxla, and its hidden wealth/secrets. He started gathering all the information together and took every lead he could to get an answer. After extensive research and pounding space pavement with no luck, he's turned to the Childeren of Raxxla and their boundless wisdom on the matter, hoping to be the conduit between the mystery and the answer.

    "If Raxxla is the key to the galaxy and it's secrets, then call me The Keymaker. I'm going to find that door."

    -CMDR Idonolis
    Interview at Tradecon in Leesti - Jan 5, 3303.

    My motivation to join:
    My motivation to join is to participate in the lore, and hopefully, be a part of the adventure in finding Raxxla, no matter how small or big. I mean, this thing is a puzzle in a conundrum, wrapped in a mystery and topped with an enigma. What other motivation do I need?!
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    Greetings CMDR Idonolis,

    Quite the polyonymous you have. Thank you for taking the time to submit your application, unfortunately we are unable to offer you the rank of Cadet at this time.

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