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    CoR Application : Pc CMDR Feldon Cross

    Your CMDR name: FeldonCross
    Your real-life age: 28

    Your Frontier Forum user name: Rakomelix

    Your in-game ranks:
    Combat: Elite
    Trade: Elite
    Exploration: Pathfinder

    Ships you own in-game: Eagle , Imperial Eagle , Vulture , ASP Explorer (50ly jumprange) , Fer-De-Lance (PvP black ops ship) , Anaconda (Multirole ship) , Imperial Cutter (AXI ship)

    What do you know about Elite Lore / Elite books you have read: I have read Reclamanation and The Dark will only recently and i got amazed by the story rich lore it describes.

    Any other allegiance we have to know about: i am a Duke in the imperial Navy and a member of AXI (Rank :Sole Survivor). Just to clarify things AXI is compromised by a lot of different pilots with different views of the galaxy and the ruling powers. Also not all of AXI sees Thargoids as the real threat but at this stage of our engagement with Thargoids AXI stands as defense shield. I do not reprsent AXI in general as every pilot in AXI has his own reasons for fighting Thargoids. It may be as humans that started this conflict but now that the threat is out of our doorstep i felt i had to do something.

    Character Bio: (Role Play) Started small as the oldest son of an average family on Kremainn. I worked hard in the shipyard of Wholer Terminal didn't take long to fall in love with the idea of being a pilot. 5 years later i had my 1rst old battered Eagle.. with a bit of work and my mechanic skills it was good enough to take out in the deep. The only job i could get back then was protection for miners and i did pretty good...good enough to get my hands on a Vulture 4 months later and switch to bounty hunting. My liitle Abyss was its name and let me tell you that there isn't a single House of Grembo pirate that wouldn't recognise that name. Years passed...i have been doing almost anything that required some "freedom" and paid well. But it was not enough...i felt i had too much blood on my hands and this wasn't my dream...i took a break from violent occupations. I had the money so i decided to go for a small career change. Next day i was flying an Anaconda filled with all sort of passengers that wanted to see the vast universe around just as me. And i would keep on doing it if Thargoids didn't show up. I guess i couldn't escape my fate. I don't know how it happened or why but now they are in our territory attacking stations....I fear the day they go to Kremainn...i just cannot allow that. So here i am now on a Cutter trying to defend whats important to me. I know there are secrets out there...dirty secrets...secrets that may save us or destroy us....but nothing is a coincidense...the Formidine Rift treachery....Thargoids sudden appearance.... maybe if Raxxla is out there we may find the answers we seek...before its too late.

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    Greetings CMDR FeldonCross,

    Thank you for taking the time to submit your application, unfortunately we are unable to offer you the rank of Cadet at this time.

    Since your showing an interest & possibly looking to expand your knowledge of Lore, I recommend reading Premonition I'm sure you will find it most informative.

    Eyes to the sky CMDR

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