The Formidine Rift Expedition 3302

The Formidine-Rift has been the destination of numerous single-expeditions since the book Elite : Reclamation was published two years ago. Rumours of something hidden there have driven commanders as far as the mysterious Bovomit-Sector nearly 20 kly from Sol. Unfortunately nothing was found by these pioneers of the southern galactic rim. Even concerted efforts during spring and early summer 3302 by several groups failed to uncover any of the secrets that are confirmed to be hidden there.

Activities seemed to die down during July 3302 when suddenly a GALNET-article incited new interest by pointing to the EAFOTS sector. EAFOTS is connected with all the clues we already had: The Heart and Soul nebulae, the Reorte-Riedquat-Line, and the very eastern edges of the Formidine Rift itself. It also sits right on the edge of CoRs Rift border patrol waypoints - pinpointed by Salomé herself who tasked the Children of Raxxla to set up two listening posts and patrol the region back in May 3302 (Phase I of the Rift Initiative).

Commanders are already searching this special sector but a detailed look at EAFOTS with the help of CMDR Jackie Silver has made it clear that this is an endeavour that needs a more organized and concerted approach. The sector is huge, we are looking at a cube of approximately 1280 x 1280 x 1280 lightyears and easily more than 400.000 systems.

The Children of Raxxla, who since their founding have dedicated themselves to exploration and investigating the galaxies mysteries, have thus decided to mount an expedition that will try to explore as much of the EAFOTS-Sector as possible, using the insight CMDR Jackie Silver has given us in the sub-organization of sectors. We are further narrowing the search-areas of this mysterious region by clues we have already gotten.

Doing it this way we are sure that we will be more successful than before.

We’re therefore inviting other groups and commanders to take part our search efforts. Together we might finally find what’s hidden out there!

Full Expedition details can be found here.