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    Talking COR Application Rax Zenith

    CMDR name: Rax Zenith
    real-life age: 47
    Frontier Forum user name: OpusIII
    in-game ranks :
    COMBAT: Dangerous
    TRADE: Elite
    EXPLORATION: Pioneer
    CQC: Amateur
    Ships owned in-game:
    Asp explorer ( the eye of raxxla )
    Corvette (Crisis)
    cobra mk III (Rax Zenith)
    Python (Tomorrow's Freedom)
    Imperial courier (Tri-Star)
    What do you know about Elite Lore / Elite books you have read:
    I have read a bit of lore but generally only when i need to as knowing to much can take you down the wrong path, If in dought go with yuor nose and read what needs to be red not what people tell you you should know.
    Books: the dark wheel , Frontier elite II novella, And here the wheel.
    Any other allegiances:
    I have only allegiance to those with the same kind of nose and attitude, see things for what they are. No player group Allegiances.
    statement about my characters bio :
    Originally a trader called Opus III , I just woke up one day , Had a look at myself and everything around me. This was not me i was not being who i should be.
    I have a goal or highest peak to reach : Zenith
    What is important to me were are all the answers i seek? : Raxxla
    And from that day forward Opus III no longer excisted and Rax Zenith was born. Never look back always Forward.
    I do not wair a robe or badge but preffer to be around like minded people.

    Raxxla is within reach, when you look at things the right way .
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    Greetings CMDR Rax Zenith,

    I would like to thank you for taking the time to apply to The Children Of Raxxla
    Unfortunately after careful consideration I can inform you that on this occasion we have decided not to progress your application any further

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