The woman seems to be some sort of contractor, working the local folks and the mission bulletin boards across a multitude of sectors. She is the last in a line of local freelance fences who screen and put to the test those that apply for missions and assignments that may fall under the topic of "washing someone's dirty laundry". The people she finally interviews are mostly those who somehow made it through her series of "tests".

Her physique can be described as ordinary and unobtrusive, one of the faces you see and forget in an instant: Ordinary blonde hair, barely any makeup, not too womanly features and her build is neither frail nor heavy. Equally unremarkable are her demeanor and speech: No edges, no discernible accent and a matter-of-factly and somewhat laconic language, something that regularly unnerves those who deal with her. Her movements and gestures are purposeful: carefully accentuated and well trained. All in all, her personality can only be described as sanitized.

For those, who have dealt with her on a number of occasions in the past, she is known to be distant and aloof, never giving away too much emotion about or attachment to someone or something (if any at all). In her own way, she is keenly observant and skilled in reading people's minds and emotions with relative ease, yet never seems to take advantage of it. She is surrounded by an aura of confidence and control. Maybe that is the reason she does not have any protection around her. Or does she?

Those acquainted with the ebbs and flows of the freelance markets of the Bubble know there is a term for this kind of people: Resource Contractors; and this woman seems to know all about it.

Room for character developments:

Typical quotes:
- "The fact that you are sitting here suggests you may be up for the mission contract I can offer you."
- "One quarter of your payments are for your efforts. Three quarters are for a lack of questions asked."
- "Obviously, you will consider breaching the package and have a look at what you were entrusted with. I advise against it. The galaxy is too small for errors."
- "Consider this: When ever there is any doubt, there is no doubt."
- "You have my thanks, and my credits."
- "You may hear from me. Until then I suggest you forget we met. Because I do not."