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    [TestAdventure] Jade Foster

    WIP: Everything subject to change, but gotta start somewhere

    Name: Jade Foster
    Age: 22
    Gender: female
    Height: 167 cm
    Weight: 56 kg

    - Pilot Trained
    - Secret Agent
    - Ran Away From Home
    - Cheerleader

    Personal Combat:
    Dodge 30
    Energy Weapons 27
    Fighting 10
    Grenade 10
    Heavy Weapons 10
    Kinetic Weapons 10
    Melee Weapons 20
    Parry 10

    Computer 20
    Computer & Law 10
    Cyber 10
    Medicine 16
    Planetary Knowledge 10
    Science 10
    Tactics 15
    Trading 10

    Social Skills:
    Bargain 10
    Bluff 21
    Charm 30
    Diplomacy 12
    Gambling 10
    Insight 28
    Intimidate 10
    Streetwise 20

    Vehicle Skills:
    Navigation 13
    Repair 14
    Spaceship Piloting 30
    Spaceship Weapons 30
    Systems 20
    Vehicle Piloting 10
    Vehicle Weapons 10

    Athletics 30
    Perception 29
    Security 30
    Sleight of Hand 30
    Stealth 40
    Survival 20

    Independent learning skills: (sorted by +10 going to +1)
    Melee, Perception, Insight, Energy Weapons, Medicine, Tactics, Repair, Navigation, Diplomacy, Bluff
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    Backstory: Also WIP, these are mostly notes from discord I made, I will work them out later.

    She grew up a the only child with her parents on a federation planet, with a handful of corporations controlling everything. Her parents weren't poor, but only barely. But they did manage to get her into her local cheerleader group.
    Forward till she was about 11, she finds out that her parents see themselves forced to basically sell her to some imperial scum, to pay for her fathers debts. She legs it.
    After about a year of living on the street, scraping by by stealing, she gets caught trying to steal the briefcase of a man working for one of the big corps. They snatch her up and she gets the choice: either she's gonna get "punished" (read: that's it with her) or she is basically becoming a child to the corp. They provide for her, all that stuff, but she will work for them.
    She gets back to being a cheerleader, but they also start to desensitise her to violence, teach her how to break into buildings, all that good stuff. She basically becomes a spy and "relocator of things" for them. Who would suspect that 15 year old girl to have snatched up something, right?
    At 16 she has to kill for the first time, as they say: the first time is always the worst, it gets easier. With 18, killing people is as often on her "todo" list as is "relocating stuff".
    All is well, she lives a not too bad life (except for basically becoming numb to violence, the trust issues because of some of the people she has to work with, panic attacks, things like that), until at age 22, she goes on a job just to run into the security team on high alert, them knowing how she would enter the building. It is obvious that the corp had sold her out for some reason.
    Time to leg it a second time. She gets away, but her left arm is so badly injured that she has to get a cybernetic replacement with what little cash she had left. Progenitor cell treatment wasn't an option as she was still in hiding from two corps, the one she worked for, the other who she should have "relocated" property of.

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    This is just a placeholder post in case I need more space at some point.

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