Maybe it was the shell shock of hearing the news, or maybe the disbelief you were actually gone. I put off saying this for some time, but it was a long time coming that I would finally accept the truth of the fact. We only met a small number of times before that fateful day. You were a hero to many of us, a driving force that compelled us to seek the truth, to make a difference in these dark times. My life changed in many ways in the days leading up to the 29th, and more-so after. It was thanks to you I found that driving force to make a difference, to actually take a stand and do something for once. You helped me find my place in this galaxy, led me to find friends I would have never imagined I'd find; no, not friends, family. You helped me find a family. Salome, your memory will forever remain alive in my heart. Rest easy knowing we will carry your flame. We will take it from here.