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    #22 [October 3303] The INRA base discoveries

    The children played a prominent role in the discoveries of several derelict bases form the era of the first Thargoid invasion. This Chronicle summarizes what happened and what we found.

    16 October 3303

    Among reports of increased Thargoid activity in and around the Pleiades nebula and the withdrawal of Federal and Imperial forces from that region, the Children have learned of an old base that was found on Hermitage A 4. Several agents were dispatched to investigate the site.

    "Yoghurting a surface"

    1. HERMITAGE A 4, -53.75 / 157.61 (Hollis Gateway)

    It obviously was built by INRA (Intergalactic Naval Research Arm), a joint-operation of the Federation and the Empire that was put together over a hundred years ago to tackle the Thargoid threat. Much about this organization remains in the shadows - only rumours indicate that it somehow managed to make the alien race vanish until very recently.

    Audio logs from the base told a story about research being done on Thargoid technology samples and about someone finding a way how to severely damage or destroy them.

    Also, the logs hinted at 11 other research projects.

    Subsequent surface searches of Hermitage A 4 and surrounding planets did not bring up other clues for several days. Then on October 15, 3303, an urgent message from CMDR Alex Ringess (our fellow OSIRIS Research group) led to a flurry of activity within the Children of Raxxla, who were just relaxing after a nice sunday afternoon.

    By applying a special search pattern, Wing Atlantis member CMDR Syleo discovered the second INRA base on HIP 15329, planet A 3 C on October 16th, 3303.

    2. HIP 15329, A 3 C, -62.61 / -44.26 (Stuart Retreat)

    This base also had Audio-logs which featured the confession of a technician, whose research on mycoproteins and disease-resistant crops was taken away from him by his superiors and supposedly weaponized and tested at another facility in the Alnath system.

    3. ALNATH A 2 a, 4.0186 / 133.5426 (Klatt Enterprises)

    Immediately, a wing of CoR agents was formed to investigate the new base, while several other wings rushed to the Alnath system to find the weapons testing facility on planet A 2 A. Among them were CoR Consules EfilOne, Eisen and Zenith, as well as Commanders Isaiah Evanson, Andy_Pipkin, Andrew Gaspurr, Saul064 and Nova Ferris. Just one and a half hours later, CoR’s Commander Isaiah Evanson couldn’t believe his eyes when he spotted this on the planet’s night-side:

    As it turned out, it was the weapons’ research facility. A thorough investigation showed that INRA conducted ghastly experiments with living Thargoid creatures there, obviously successful as remains found in the “pit” suggested. Another set of audio-logs summarizes the successful testing results and some ethical discussion about whether to use that weapon or not.
    Ultimately, it seems to have been decided to mass produce the “mycoid virus” at a facility at HIP 59382, 1 B.

    The pit

    4. HIP 59382, 1B, 11.41 / 177.06 (Mayes Chemical Plant)

    Immediately, several wings set out to HIP 59382. Following the principles the Children had found useful to find unmarked surface bases (tracing distinct surface features like huge craters, outstanding mountainous areas, clearly visible canyons and ravines and modifying their ships screen enhancing to increase contrast between the ground and artificial features), this time the next base was found even quicker that the one before.
    Choosing a huge crater with massive ejecta-streaks around it near the planet’s terminator, CMDR EfilOne almost immediately came upon this:

    The base turned out to be a production facility tasked with mass production of the mycoid virus. Audio logs described problems they encountered while trying to make huge amounts of it. It also gave away the location of another base in the HIP 7158 System.

    5. HIP 7158, planet A 2 b, -44.63 -63.78, (Hogan Depot)

    Upon arriving in that system, our wings realized that someone at Mayes Chemical plant must have gotten the destination planet wrong in the Audio-Logs, as planet A 2 D was not landable. Searching 2 B instead, another base was quickly found, again placed on the rim of the only really outstanding feature of that planet, a large crater. CMDR EfilOne can be credited with finding the third of the INRA bases.

    Investigation of the new site showed that it was a kind of holding facility to which the mycoid virus was being delivered and stored before being transported to LP 389-95, planet 7.

    Search in the LP 389-95 system did take a bit longer than in the other systems as the target body was significantly bigger than the other worlds. However on the next day a new base was reported to have been found by a CMDR Solderkiller.

    6. LP 389-95, planet 7, 57.96 / 50.03 (Velasquez Medical Research Center)

    This abandoned base tells the story of development of a vaccine against the mycoid virus. It does not become clear who the sponsor of this development is other than that they are extremely wealthy and powerful. Also we do not get to know what the vaccine was used for. There was no further hint about other bases - so far the trail ends here.

    The official Frontier-forum-thread about the INRA bases by Aymerix can be found here.
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