"The Children of Raxxla are an Elite Group of pilots; wise, learned and with many years experience of combat.

We have all witnessed the lies and obfuscations of the Federation, the Empire and the Alliance. We intend to solve the mysteries of the Universe and bring an end to the secrecy and conspiracy that is rife within each of our governments.

Rife? Consider…

Despite our governments best intentions, you will have heard the rumours of the ‘Unknown Artefact’. Whatever its provenance, one thing remains evident as a result of that discovery. While ours leaders vie for power and distract the masses with their entertainment opiates of choice, promoting their own agendas and personal progression, it is clear humanity is not alone.

The last time our governments deceived the populous, they created a shadowy organisation called INRA and murdered anyone who sought a peaceful solution with an alien race – the Thargoids. Our governments were guilty of genocide – the attempted destruction of the Thargoids via a deadly ‘Mycoid’ virus.

And yet so many of you trust these leaders with your pledges and your service.

Of course, they claimed they acted in self-defence. What we can reveal to you now is that they instigated the fight and turned down numerous attempts from the Thargoids to make peace. Yes, it an uncomfortable truth for many of you – Federation, Imperial, Alliance or Independent. We, humans, were the aggressors and the villains of the piece. We were all culpable.

What will be the ramifications of those actions in the future? No one truely knows… but what is certain is that humanity must be prepared and act in unison, not fractured by petty politics or distracted by gladiatorial games so like those of ancient Earth.

Our governments have shown themselves to be unfit to hold sway over the galaxy. Weakened and corrupt, their time is at an end. It is time to turn the page. We cannot afford for them to be our ambassadors. Humanity deserves better.

The Children of Raxxla intend to transcend the powers and the governments. We seek to act above and beyond the petty squabbles of the Core Worlds. We seek peaceful co-operation with any alien life that is out there. We are a beacon of civilisation in the darkness.

We, truely, intend to be Elite – in its purest sense – the best humanity can be. If exploration thrills you, and politics sickens you, you have found your home.

Throw away the shackles. The Children of Raxxla welcome you."

- CMDR Acaelus Thorn, CoR Founder, September 9th 3301.

(CoR were officially launched as a sanctioned player faction on September 15th 3301).