It is time.

With the tensions and turmoils that lie behind us and the things unfolding before us it is time we remember who we are and what has brought us here. The Children of Raxxla come together and call for the Legacy Campaign. This will be a new chapter for the Children and it is (almost) solely dedicated to you: The Commanders, the investigators, the scientists, the keen observers, the brave and the brash. Those that enrich the group with all their actions, humor, drive and stories.

However, most of these stories - your Commanders’ stories - remain untold and unknown to the Children. Until now. Now it is your turn:

We are looking for a number of people among you who are willing to roleplay their o7’s in a dynamic narrative setting and come up with a write up of their actions (and a screenie or two) from time to time.

The difference from regular CoR Roleplay or #rp-comms will be that the participants of the Legacy Campaign will ‘act’ in a series of events we will create together. So in good old Pen’n’Paper D&D roleplaying style we are looking for one (or more) group(s) of ‘players’. CoR Roleplay will not be affected by this because said channel is for the coordination of our Chronicles and possible future public statements and the like, so there won't be any 'meddling'. The same goes for #rp-comms which is meant to be for individual Commanders to post communication messages to all of CoR which may be totally unrelated to the Campaign events.

The Legacy Campaign will be a narrative, roleplaying series stretching along a number of episodes and stories that will ultimately lead us into the year 3304 and what it has in store for us. It is the telling of an ever unfolding story linked to the Children and their deeds to overcome the obstacles the galaxy will throw at us. Or in this case: You. Yes, you!

This is about our most precious assets: Our dedicated Commanders.

What we intend to do:

tl;dr: An ‘event team’ will create a multi-episode narrative storyline for a number of CoR members (and friends) who are willing to roleplay and enact a situation they are presented with. These ‘players’ then coordinate and write up their Commanders’ actions and how they intend to react to the given episode. They spice it up with a number of screenshots, a video or even a garbled voice recording, if they like. Sky (and server capacity) is the limit.
The ‘event team’ then reviews the action and designs the next episode based on what the ‘players’ did. It all leads up to a final episode in which the campaign goal is or is not accomplished.

Yes, it is a bit like a dungeon master roleplay session on Discord; and it is intended to give you the opportunity to flesh out your Commanders beyond #rp-comms and to feel how they would react to certain odds and treasures. It is also intended to sharpen the profile of the Children of Raxxla and what the group stands for, so be prepared for conundrums, morale dilemmata and Space Mason stuff.

Did you say Discord?

There will be one Discord channel for the campaign team (#legacy-campaign) in which the participating players and the event team publish the campaign narrative and the pictures/videos that come with it. Those with the active role will be able to publish and edit the contents. The rest of CoR (and maybe friends) will be able to read the campaign episodes. Fun for all!

There will also be one Discord channel for the ‘event team’ (aptly called #rp-and-event-team) to coordinate and review the campaign and decide what is happening next. Obviously, this channel will be accessible only to the event team and CoR Consul.

Fine. How do I join?

This is the first ‘preemptive’ announcement, which of course is ooc (out of character). If you feel you have the time and the joy to lead your Commander through a series of roleplay episodes you are welcome to join the players, who will be collectively called a ‘Cell’. You will then get access to the (roleplay only) #legacy-campaign channel.

The Legacy Campaign’s beginning will then be broadcast in #legacy-campaign at the beginning of November, at which point the ‘hunt is on’. We expect the Campaign to last until March 3304 and well into the first steps of ‘Beyond 2.4’. And yes, that is intentional.

The kickoff announcement for the Campaign may then look a bit like this:

"CoR was approached by a middleman acting for a Federation terraforming specialist asking for ‘evacuation’ of himself and his team from Sadr Logistics Depot. Any available CoR agents are asked to form an undercover cell and investigate the situation and a possible extraction. Coordinate and evaluate on site and report to Consul before acting.”

From then on, it's the players' turn. Form up a group, do it individually, meet up in voice comms, wing up and do what must be done. And tell us about it in #legacy-campaign.

We expect to have one episode per month: Two weeks time for the players to coordinate and act according to a presented episode, ready the write up, make screenshots etc.; and two weeks time for the event team to review the action and decide on the next episode.

But we also play the game, right?

Yes, of course. Although it may be a bit different from your regular gaming at times. Expect an episode to put you on the trail of someone or something; or expect to receive a garbled message leading you to some distant place. The players then act just like it was from GalNet or some other ingame source. Or you may get the feeling of communicating with an advanced NPC who has a secret or two to share. Each time you decide what to do next.

There will be situations, however, where you may feel encouraged to ‘set up’ or construct a situation to make your actions more meaningful. For example, when an episode leads you to the decision to break a blockade in order to deliver some tea to a beleaguered colony, you may want to ask around your friends for some ‘friendly PVP’ in order to take a nice video or screenshot. This should be where the fun really starts, and it keeps you sharp and on the edge, doesn't it?

Or you may need a ‘fence’ for an especially hot tip-off. Maybe one of the event team or even Consul will happily help you out with some devious “you owe me” for it (or wipe you from the skies). Include the portraits in a holofac dialogue, if you like. Holo-Me makes it all possible, including creating new personae on the fly that you drop again when it's fulfilled its purpose.

It may feel a bit abstract at times and especially in the beginning. The game mechanics don't provide us with everything we need to roleplay what we are doing or to do what we would like to roleplay. Be creative and think around the corner. Remember that this time, the story and drama of your actions matter more than running a mission. If your friendly fence from above wants you to find that blackbox of his friend's ship in LTT 9787 you may have to pick a blackbox mission from the board and 'make' it that fence's mission you are doing. Write it up, make a screenie or two and post it in #legacy-campaign. Metallica says: "And nothing else matters!" (almost).

That way, episodes should also encourage the participants to enlist others from time to time. At this point it may feel like sacrificing a bit of the game mechanics in order to have a more dramatic write up but we think (or hope) it will be worth it. The same goes for what's been described as thinking around the corner above. If you need a T-9 wreck for a story, wel..., ahem...

To help you get started and get going along the road we will provide you with a number of helping ideas on how to work with this, including a glossary, and hopefully with every enthusiastic player and every successful episode we will make the list longer. Perhaps it even helps some of you to write your own blogs or short stories, who knows?

Umm, endgame? Loot?

Umm, no.
The Legacy Campaign will end one way or another of course, but since it is a roleplay campaign and ingame mechanics are limited we have to accept a narrative ending; but we will make sure it will further the Children of Raxxla as a whole and we hope that the enjoyment to play and write about your Commander's’ actions will reward you in full. We don’t expect or demand Frontier to give us decals, bases or community goals for our things.

Karnath has kindly agreed to create a number of forum achievements for the achievement hunters but of course the result of each Campaign will be our own story and our story alone (and there are rumors of some British author playing an intriguing role too!).

Well, if that wasn't spoilery

There will be more updates in the next days.
Please let this settle down for a moment and decide if this could be something you're up to. Then let us know.

This will be a time to Remember...

Update November 4th 3303
The Legacy Campaign has begun : Link