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    New Applicant: Phisto

    CMDR Name: Phisto (NFC Phisto on XBOX)

    Age: 35

    Frontier Forum User Name: Phisto

    Your In-Game Ranks (Combat, Trade, Exploration): Elite, Entrepreneur, and Pathfinder


    NFS No Data Available - FdL (main ship, combat, SaR, short range recon)
    NFS Puddle Jumper-A - DBX (procurement, long range recon, smuggling)
    NFS Sir Isaac's Fist - Anaconda (special projects)

    Elite Lore and Books: I've read Reclamation and Premonition. Have learned most from my close friendship with Isaiah Evanson.

    Other Allegiances: Leader of Newton's Fusiliers, member of the board for Inara Nexus, consultant to Galactic Contingency Fleet.


    So, why do I want to join the Children of Raxxla? Since Lady Kahina's flight from 46 Eridani and my group's role in helping Yuri Nakamura I've learned things I can't ignore. Built friendships I can't ignore, too. Realized being part of the problem ain't ok anymore either. Still figuring out how to be part of the solution. Thinking the Children might help me sort that out, if you'll have me.

    In any case, appreciate your time in considering my application. o7

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    Thank you for your recent application CMDR Phisto, I would like to express my appreciation for your interest in The Children Of Raxxla.
    After careful consideration I regret to inform you that on this occasion we have decided not to progress your application any further.

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