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    New Applicant: Cmdr Artimus Tau

    New Applicant: Artimustau
    CMDR: Artimustau
    Real-life Age: 28
    Frontier User Name: Artimustau
    Combat: Expert
    Trade: Tycoon
    Exploration: Ranger

    Rocinante - Anaconda for exploration and research.... and other stuff....

    Elite Lore:
    What I picked up working as the Ex CFN Editor in Chief. Still learning more as i find sources. Not crazy enough to say im 100% fully caught up.

    Allegiances (RP):
    None, free agent. Previous experience taught me better.

    Always loved the idea of taking a ship, flying out and defining yourself by what you do and what you see. E captured my love of scifi and adoration of post WWII Russian Existentialism. The dark, no hand holding, open nature of it was everything i wanted to both entice me to fly farther and make me feel smaller and ever more insignificant. By the very nature of E it will be impossible to ever know the WHOLE story without taking a 2 semester level course of the idiosyncratic political climates all over the cluster. Followed by a free will pummeling 1 year research fellowship into a study about the Butterfly effect. It is an experience that makes you love the universe and hate people all while reminding you how nothing maters and we all die alone, cold, and surrounded my light years of nothing.

    whoa that got dark...

    My first jump into the lore came from my interest in the guardian ruins. Through my many back and forth runs i came into contact with multiple like minded pilots who were fascinated by these new discoveries. This got me in touch with Canonn. 2 months later i was the new Editor in Chief of Canonn Faction News (CFN) and unfortunately also became the Architect for the current status of the Canonn Media Arm of Canonn proper. This went on for the last 7 months until I split completely with Canonn this past month. Now i fly without allegiance and using the contacts i gained as the head of CFN with groups that are willing to still talk to me like Kuun Lan and other Media Personalities in order to further study the exciting world of exobiology, phase-kinematics and xeno-archaeology that have been opened up thanks to the recent actions of the Thargoids in the Pleiades.

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    CMDR Artimus Tau,

    Thank you for taking the time to complete an application to The Children Of Raxxla.
    I’m sorry to hear that you have recently parted company with Cannon, hopefully that decision will lead you onto new adventures.

    Consul have discussed your application at length and are unfortunately unable to reach quorum, therefore we are unable accept your application at this time.

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