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    New Applicant: Hyacinthus

    CMDR: Hyacinthus
    Real-life Age: 30
    Frontier User Name: Hyacinthus
    Combat: Novice
    Trade: Entrepreneur
    Exploration: Elite

    Jacinto - Anaconda, outfitted for 1) long-range, deep-space exploration platform, or 2) in bubble trading or faction work.
    Unnamed - Orca, for special projects.
    Ship arrangements tend to be fluid, with many assets in modules, with the Jacinto being the main hub/platform of operations.

    Elite Lore:
    I've studied the lore surrounding the foundation of the primary political factions, power-play leaders, alien encounters, historical expeditions, the Formadine Rift and all that surrounds it, and Thargoid related (and "unrelated") events of the past two years. I have not yet read any of the Elite books, but will be picking them up soon (when I'm not so busy flying around in-game, as of late).

    Allegiances (RP):
    Li Yong-Rui, and loosely Sirius Corp. As you'll see below, I've worked for these organizations for most of my time with a pilot's license. I have no formal, binding, contractual relationship with Sirius Gov or Sirius Corp. I have contacts who have kept me gainfully employed. I am not politically aligned (nor maligned) with either the Alliance, Federation, or Empire. As you'll see in my profile, I have connections (and have collaborated with) both Canonn and Project Raxxla. I've tried to start peeling some of the layers back through chats with other pilots of a related disposition.

    Bio (RP):
    I grew up on a small station in Oduduro. My parents started a life there. Farmers. Born in the early 70’s, I remember as a kid hearing news about aliens, the Alliance, and (even then) Sirius. I remember my parents and uncle talking about the new drive. The dreams for farmers, talk to distract from the dull and dirty work of off-world farming. I don’t know that it was my dream to take to the stars, I just knew that I didn’t want to stay in Oduduro; wanted something more than what my parents had, and they wanted that for us too.

    I’ve been flying, in different capacities, for Sirius and Sirius subsidiaries for my entire career, as short as its been. Sirius was always “big money,” the larger company our station traded with or worked for, it was hard to see a difference. No one needs to hear about flight school and those first experiences, we’ve all heard the bar stories, and we all have them. After making some money and moving up a little in the corporate structure, I ended up running some long-distance passenger missions for some Sirius execs. That first trip out of the bubble, that was my first taste of what the galaxy could offer. This past year I’ve been running freelance exploration missions for Sirius Gov. Once I’m out in the black I get a transmission, spend a month or so gathering data, and return. It’s a living, and it’s work that I love.

    But I’m not writing this about how great my life is now, or to say about how great things are in Sirius land. When the world is uncertain, when you visit home, sitting in a bar you used to be in…only a couple years ago (seems like longer)…that’s when the questions and the doubts start flooding in. I hope this message gets out to the Children, because every day I’m more and more convinced that what’s going on isn’t as it seems. I have more questions now than answers, and I don’t believe us pilots are being given the right information. I never questioned why Sirius was giving insane payouts for exploration data, I just did the jobs. Were they looking for the Thargoids? Did they already know where they were? I’ve lived in a corporate and governmentally controlled shadow for far too long now, and I want to be a part of something where truth is valued, merit means something real, and there’s a glimmer of hope for both humanity and the galaxy.

    I don’t need to know the whole truth, but I want to know that I’m working for, with, and alongside the people that aren’t motivated by ambition or profit, but by searching for the truth and subtly helping where actions make a real difference.

    ...and yeah, the Thargoids seem to be here. Everyone's looking one direction, but is everything as it seems? Are our eyes being turned deliberately?

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    Thank you for your recent application CMDR Hyacinthus, I would like to express my appreciation for your interest in The Children Of Raxxla
    Unfortunately I regret to inform you that on this occasion we have decided not to progress your application any further.

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