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    New Applicant: CMDR MalcomRyn

    CMDR. MalcomRyn
    Age: 31
    Frontier Forum: Cpowilliams
    Combat: Competent
    Trade: Merchant
    Exploration: Trailblazer
    Ships: Aspx "Far Flung", Vulture "Omega"
    Elite Lore: Read Reclamation, Tales from the Frontier, and any other lore I can find including history of in game events.
    Other Allegiances: Friends & Browncoat Uprising.
    MalcomRyn's Bio: A new pilot who with the help of friends new and old has been able to move on to my new home the Far Flung and set out into the black that has called to me for as long as I have been a pilot. I have been in the black for a week now and remember the stories I herd about those who ventured out here before me. Ever since I learned of some of the mystries that lay some where in the galaxy I have wanted to help find them. I feel as though the Children of Raxxla could benefit from my love of the black and my natural curiosity.

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    Thank you for your recent application, I would like to express my appreciation for your interest in our recruitment for the Cadet role in The Children Of Raxxla.

    After careful consideration I regret to inform you that on this occasion we have decided not to progress your application any further.

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