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    #20 [July 3303] Alien Structures around the Pleiades

    On June 26, our Intel group has traced and followed a curious set of signals emitted by a group of listening posts around the Pleiades. It seems a recon mission of some degree has been deployed here; and they found something. I think that at this point nobody is surprised anymore than more mysterious things are found in that region, but that expectation was not enough to surpress the shock, excitement and fear when the first of our Commanders laid eyes on it.

    What has been found is an alien base of some sorts. We consider that it is highly plausible these bases belong to the Thargoids. And so, these bases are now classified as Thargoid Surface Sites. Every site has more or less the same layout. The shape of the site is reminiscient of the mysterious alien ships that have been pulling us out of witchspace. Organic structures circumvent the center point of the site, purposes unknown. The central structure of the sites all seem to be functional, but some are badly damaged. There are surface entraces to these structures. However, for some sites, all the entrances are caved in, making them inaccessible. Even when the entrance is not caved in, they are still closed by default. It has been discovered though, that simply carrying an Unknown Artifact or Unknown Probe is enough for the doors to automatically open.

    I don't know whether we have been trespassing on someone's turf...we must have.

    Inside the structure is a corridor circumenting a central point with a large Unknown Device. Scattered around the floor are Unknown Technology Samples and Unknown Biological Matters. We will undoubtly learn much about these alien species with these items. In one of the siderooms in the structure is a machine that seems to produce another type of item similar to the Unknown Artifact and Probe. We now call these the Unknown Links.

    By inserting one Unknown Artifact, Probe and Link into the Unknown Device, one can activate it, making it emit a encoded message as well as projecting what seems like a stellar map around it. However, the map does not resemble any known map of the galaxy to man.

    Upon analysis of the encoded messages, it was discovered their spectrograph contains an image, similarly to the Unknown Probe. However, the meanings of both images still need to be determined.

    The Unknown Links are discovered to also have interesting properties. Not only does it react with the Unknown Artifact and Unknown Probe outside the Unknown Device, it is also discovered that by playing an encoded message to the Unknown Link in space, it will point itself to another similar Thargoid Surface Site. Using this methodology, a total of 207 sites have been discovered. However, the last location the Unknown Link is pointing to is HIP 22460, a permit locked system. Who knows what the people in the shadows are hiding there, but we will find out.

    Some crazy scientists also decided to try inserting items from the Guardian relics into these devices. Surprisingly, it actually works. But the result is a violent reaction from the device, emitting shockwaves seemingly in an attempt to expel intruders. It seems that the Thargoids are somehow connected to the Guardians.

    Curious little machines can be found in and around these sites. We have classified them as Scavengers. Their purpose is unknown, but they seem to be autonomous machines that repair and maintain the site. They seem uninterested in our presence unless provoked. Luckily, it seems our human weaponry and defenses are effective against them. It at least gives us some assurance that should we enter warfare against these aliens, that we are not completely outclassed.

    Certainly, the materials and information gained at these sites will be invaluable in the times to come. Salomé knew they are coming. Whether they come in peace or not, we better be prepared.

    H. Yagami.

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