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    New applicant : CMDR Wafe

    CMDR name: Wafe
    Age: 15
    Frontier forum: Wafe
    -Combat: mostly harmless
    -Trade: merchant
    -Exploration: pathfinder
    -CQC: helpless
    Ships: Cobra MK IV (in storage), ASP Explorer
    Lore: I've read drew wagar's website, watched some videos by obsidian ant on the history of elite, and I've read tons of forum posts. I know about the formadine rift, raxxla, thargoids, guardians, and more.
    Allegiances: I'm a member of canonn
    Bio: I'm a young but intelligent explorer and trader, I'm always willing to dive into the unknown. I had previously heard about the thargoids in some news articles and i was intersted in finding out more, that is when i heard about the Elite Dangerous starmap and discovered that the thargoids weren't the only anomaly in this galaxy. Shortly thereafter I heard about the Children of Raxxla.
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    Thank you for your recent application, I would like to express my appreciation for your interest in our recruitment for the Cadet role in The Children Of Raxxla.

    After careful consideration I regret to inform you that on this occasion we have decided not to progress your application any further.

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