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    new applicant: ouzo

    CMDR Mr Ouzo
    age : 38
    FF name ouzo
    Combat Master
    Trade Tycoon
    Explorer Pathfinder
    My ship yard :- sidewinder, eagle, Imp courier, imp cutter, Beluga, Vulture, DBX and a python

    My knowlage of the lore is lacking, your own timeline of events is honestly one of the better ones i have read so far, i am catching up on as much as i can and have read all i can on these forums. i am relativly new to this game and its universe. As such i would very much welcome a reading list.

    other allegiances that may be of interest and none officially but i may have joined a group of like minded inderviduals who felt discusted at a certian CMDR's betrail and while knowing our combat was not strong enough to retaliate directly we decided to shut down the two stations in Wolfberg system as that was the base of there player faction. in the following 2-3 weeks we delievered over 2000 UA to those stations and gained a very good understanding of the mechanics of UA bombing.

    My bio is a relativly short uneventful one: i grew up in a station watching the ships coming and going all day. Dreaming of the day when i would have my own ship. since making it to adulthood i had been working hard and saving to take my first steps into the dark in my own ship. after spending time in the bars hearing the tales of the space fairers i had decided at an early age if the ship wasn't mine i wasn't serving on a ship. I heared too many stories of incompitance and stupidity to trust my life in their hands. finnally after the death of my father i had the funds and the freedom to persue my dream of my own ship. i studied hard to take and pass (first time) the pilots exam for my CMDRs licence. With that i took the loaner sidewinder and started earning some bouties, soon i had an eagle and shortly after i had a Vulture. i then set my sights on working up to a Cutter the most beautiful ship i had ever seen. Once i had my very own Cutter i reallised i needed a LOT more credits to fit her out to my desire, and since then i have been steadally building my funds to give my lady the outfiting she deserveds.
    When the Megaships were found and the news was everyewhere i heard rumors of more information to be revieled by mysteriose people, and then the bounty being placed on Salomé (which i thought was a little excessive). this peaked my interest and i lookedinto things and found that i liked the idea of someone giving out information that the powers didn't want to be revieled, i guess that was the anarchist in my coming out. i eventually formed up into the protect fleet and was placed on interdiction duty. The bitterness i felt that day was only slightly lessened by the information that was reliesed. It was this incident that alerted me to the existance of a larger picture in the galaxey one i have decided i want to see.
    my searching has lead me to you, i pledge to serve for the small price of having my eyes opened and pointed in the right direction.
    i seek to know to remember.
    CMDR Mr Ouzo

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    Thank you for your recent application, I would like to express my appreciation for your interest in our recruitment for the Cadet role in The Children Of Raxxla.

    I'm Sorry but we don't condone UA bombing on any level and with this in mind we have decided not to progress your application any further.

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