It's strange how history and small events are sometimes repeating.
First I started to be interested Salomé a day before she was dead for the first time.
I was reading the story, deeper and deeper, I felt in love.
Next day comes and also comes the news about her death.
Salomé, I was hurt, you and your story were real for me for so little time.
I remember I was so happy from the news of you being still alive.
I visited planets and moons in the Prism, absorbing slowly in the whole thing...

Fast forward to the day before the Last Event -
a new friend asks me about Salomé
and my answer is to be fast to get into the story,
because my history may repeat with you, my friend,
"one day you've learnt about her, the next day she is dead."
I hoped this is not the bad sign of what happens next.
But it was.

Пусть на твоей могиле
всегда растут цветы.
Друзья тебя любили,
для них не умерла ты.

Flowers for Salomé, remember Salomé!