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Thread: Dear Salomé

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    Dear Salomé

    Dear Salomé, dear leader

    Well, for the second time, we've lost you. The second time, we are hurt.

    The first time, after your death, I was angry, angry about myself ... I was 2 system far away, following the command of my wing lead to reach the next waypoint as quickly as possible. Was it wrong to obey the command? Was I wrong? You have taught me to trust no one. But in the same case, lead me to trust in the truth, in the future and I found so many friends in the CoR who looking forward to you, with you. Words do not speak for someone, only actions should speak for a person.

    And you were a great woman, one who even gave her life for the truth.

    I'm now back in the Formidine Rift, the core behind me, the Milky Way behind me, jumps from system to system and with every jump there are less stars around me... Maybe I'll find you between the stars. Maybe to escape the truth that you left us. But it is in the nature of everyone that we see the detail better when we are far away. We find ourselves when we run away. And we are silent and see in ourselves.

    Salomé, I am proud to be a member of the CoR. I am proud that I could learn about your self-sacrifice. For us. For the Galaxy.

    Do not let the attackers win; do not let the empire, the federation, or the disingenuous storyteller split us

    Stay together and remember a great person, a great leader.

    Dear Salomé, dear leader
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